Sometimes a Miss is a Farewell Without Home Care

Sometimes a miss is a farewell…Millions of families globally suffer losses from errors involving at-home care. In fact, the third leading cause of death in the US is care mistakes by family members or seniors who are reluctant to receive help at home.

In the first place, it is not the family’s fault or the senior’s fault. Home care requires attention. Moreover, it needs special attention. Furthermore, it is hard to admit when we need help. For instance, many seniors refuse to receive care because it makes them feel less independent.

These are typical examples of what families may witness when encountering common mistakes:

  1. Driving when it’s no longer safe
  2. Not understanding the treatment plan’
  3. Failure to administer medication properly
  4. No care at home
  5. Failure to participate in prevention programs
  6. Not asking loved ones for help
  7. Fighting the aging process

Home care services continues to grow in popularity for 2019. The main reason is the security and level of comfort home health aide providers give to families. Comparatively, these are senior helpers ensure that seniors can live independently without the shame or the concern of failing to care for themselves properly.

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