Never Leave Your Loved Ones Alone

In the United States, there is an epidemic of seniors living alone.. As a matter of fact, eleven million seniors report living alone.

According to AARP, nearly 90% of people over age 65 want to stay home. Physicians express the growing needs and benefits of seniors living at home.

In addition, seniors prefer to stay in their homes even if companionship is needed. The concern is loved ones need reliable care.

To some of us, the answer is an easy one, make the move to an assisted living community. Help at home is preferred by seniors.

However, Alzheimer Association estimates that 60-70% of seniors live with dementia. It is important to realize that our loved ones want to stay home.

If our loved ones to stay safe, it is crucial to know what the risks are.

Reason Number 1: Higher Risk of Mortality

Above all, there is a higher death rate when loved ones are left alone. Isolation and loneliness lead to higher chances of mortality.

After all, it is regarded as the psychological embodiment of social isolation. Furthermore, it reflects on an individual’s experience.

Health risks associated with social isolation are compared to the dangers of smoking. Our health care professionals warn families of the risks.

To make matters worse, seniors are three times more likely to die from preventable injuries.

Reason Number 2: Higher Risk of Physical and Mental Illness

Seniors who feel lonely report having poor physical and mental health. There is a higher risk of physical and mental illness. Social isolation is a concern.

Our problem is isolation is preventable. In the past, preventing loneliness forced seniors to live away from home. For homebound seniors, companionship is preferred to prevent isolation.

Reason Number 3: Higher Risk of Cognitive Decline

There is a higher risk of cognitive decline. Being that seniors living alone lack stimulation, loved ones’ cognitive skills decline more rapidly.

Generally speaking, live-in home care services give seniors 24/7 companionship care. Companionship elderly care keeps seniors active and independent.

Reason Number 4: Higher Risk of Depression

Depression is a mental health condition. A number of studies indicate feelings of loneliness. These feelings are associated with depressive symptoms.

In reality, higher levels of loneliness are found in adults ages 50-67. As an illustration, older adults are fighting for senior care and home health care companionship.

Reason Number 5: More Likely to Engage in Unhealthy Behavior

Finally, seniors report more illness and conditions when living alone. Unsupervised seniors engage in unhealthy behavior.

In fact, loved ones engage in unhealthy behavior due to feeling devalued.

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