Healthy Aging is Possible and Highly Expected

Healthy Aging is Possible and Highly Expected

The expectations in today’s society for aging are high and with all the modern technologies that there are it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Honestly, I don’t blame the people either.  As younger adults, you never think about aging or the effects it will have on your body.  You had this belief that aging wouldn’t change you emotionally or mentally, and it shouldn’t have to. The quality of life beyond expectations is what most are looking for.

What is Healthy Aging 

We should take a closer look at what healthy aging is.  Healthy aging is defined as how to make the best of the extended quality years. In today’s society, even with chronic diseases like dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and/or cancer, aging is not a disease.  It is a lifelong process that occurs naturally.

For this reason, even if those who are older and have chronic diseases, there are alternatives for them to use to restore their quality of living.  Home care services and care at home technological treatment has given seniors the ability to age comfortably at their home without the unnecessary stress of visiting doctors or hospitals.

The History of Aging and Where It’s Headed

The history of aging has increased in the past one-hundred years.  In the early 1900’s, the life expectancy was 50 years of age.  Throughout the past several decades, the life expectancy has increased to well over 75.  Nevertheless, despite the aging beyond the normal, developed countries like Japan have a high percentage of people living over 100-years of age.

There are more and more 90-year-olds running marathons than before.  Though these reflect strange cases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how normal people age.  This is why technology has been rampant and determined to find resources for the aging to provide them with an easier lifestyle.  The quality of life is expected is higher than ever before especially by 2050.  With millennials being the biggest population, by 2050 more than 2 billion people will be older globally which means aging demographics won’t be as abnormal as everyone predicts.

The aging process is a normal part of most people’s lives.  However, for how long will that continue?  It is unknown currently, but scientists have a theory. that with the rapid introduction of modern science and technology, aging might not be a problem for future generations.

It is predicted that in the next one-hundred years people will live beyond one-hundred years of age.  The societal norm of life expectancy should continue to break through stereotypes and boundaries.

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