Amazon Looking into Health Care for at Home Health Diagnostics

Amazon Looking into Health Care for At Home Health Diagnostics

Amazon has been a leader in innovation and creativity for the past two decades.  The company is known for trying new concepts and ideas that will push it forward.  Additionally, they are known for being secretive For the past couple of years, Amazon has purchased Whole Foods and partnered with the United State Post Service.  Nevertheless, it looks like Amazon is looking into health care at the Home Health diagnostics.

According to a CNBC blog, Amazon has explored getting into consumer health diagnostics and testing for disease at home which is written by Christian Far and Eugene Kim. The idea is that Amazon is looking into hardware that can provide at home tests starting with fertility and infections.  Since home care has become an increasing need for most baby boomers, technology is being developed to ensure that quality care can be provided to families in need.

It is unclear whether Amazon will move forward with acquiring a company that can develop technologies such as Confer Health.  It is, however, clear that home care is a significant industry in 2019, and there is a reason why the largest company in the world would certainly see an impact with their involvement with the industry.  It could change the landscape of the health in general.

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