Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media

Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media

There has a been a long misconception about social media especially for in the health care industry.  I write this article to clear the air and bring forth the truth of home care agencies.  Their relationship with social media has evolved in a similar way to other businesses.  However, the main difference, is that social media is used more for connecting with their customers and health care providers rather than commercial usage.

It’s recorded that 196 million people use social media frequently in the United States including Baby Boomers, Millennial, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha.  Social Media includes YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media: 

  • A home care agency, that is confident in their ability to provide care services, will showcase it on social media.  High ratings on social media show that the agency has a connection with their clients.
  • Daily postings on social media indicate the home care agency is constantly improving and learning the industry
  • Home care agencies that use social media are up to speed with trends

If a home care agency uses social media and stays up to date, consider them as an option especially if they have good ratings.  A community of people who like a page show that the business understands its customers.


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