Healthy Home Care Helps Reduce Readmissions

Healthy Home Care Helps Reduce Readmissions

Do you have a loved one who recently was emitted to the hospital?  Do you feel that their condition could have been improved if you were around more?  It is not uncommon to feel that the care for your loved one is not as good as it should be.  After a patient leaves the hospital, it is essential to their well-being that they follow the plan-of-care set by the doctor and sometimes it is not monitored as well as it should be which results in more patients returning to the hospital.

Healthy Home Care is a Solution

A healthy home care agency helps reduce readmissions into hospitals. Home Health Aides are trained to follow a plan-of-care that is set by a Registered Nurse.  The nurse provides consistent check-ups and assessments to ensure that the plan-of-care is being followed one-hundred percent.  When a care plan is followed, patients find that their time in the hospital is reduced significantly.

Doctors Choose Home Care Agencies

Doctors prefer home care agencies to provide care after patients leave the hospital because they have professionals who can assist in the services.  The trained staff age home care agencies are prepared to handle family needs and services.  Truthfully, someone who is trained to handle care is more equipped with someone who may not understand the process completely.  A misstep in a treatment plan can send someone back to the hospital, and we don’t want that!



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