Home Care is a Global Phenomenon

Home Care is a Global Phenomenon

Home care is a global phenomenon.  It is not only aging Americans that are reliant on home care services.  Baby boomers are one of the largest populations on Earth currently.  As they age, their needs continue to increase. However, the general mindset on the population relies on independence.  It is the future of care.  Medical facilities can provide care internationally, and there is no reason why care at home can’t be possible.

Nations that provide home care services: 

  • Australia
  • China
  • Italy
  • Taiwan
  • UK
  • Scotland
  • Ukraine
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland

There are fourteen countries currently that provide caregiving services and prefer to have care at home.  In addition to the home care services, a majority of the caregivers choose to rely on medical resources during caregiving older people.  These countries mainly believe that family plays an important role in providing to its older parents.  In cultures were the children are responsible for caring for the adults, are civilizations that rely on caregiving to be a resource especially if the siblings are responsible to take care of themselves financially.

For example, in Taiwan, about one-out-of-three receive long-term care or home care.  There were over 600,000 family caregivers in Taiwan and they spend an average of fourteen hours a day caregiving.  These countries provide home care services for their elderly.  While some nations do not have an official home care service or do not consider it as caregiving, several other countries offer services where patients can receive care at home.  

What this means for you is that home care services are reliable and families worldwide depend on them to ensure that their loved ones are cared for.  

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