3 Concerns You May Have About Home Care

3 Concerns You May Have About Home Care

This question is brought up to our agency on a daily basis.  There are forums loaded with concerned family members who don’t know how to proceed with providing care to an aging loved one.  It can be a confusing and stressful time.  Nursing homes are completely out of the question, yet you’re uncertain what options there are available to you.  Is care at home effective?  I am here to answer three concerns you may have about home care.

Is it the right time for home care?

The right time is a difficult question to ask.  Your family members may no longer be able to provide care to a mother or father with Alzheimer’s.  What can you do?  It can be even harder when the loved one expresses confusion or has aggressive behavior.

It’s not your fault either.  It is normal to feel powerless or have a dead end to your problem especially because you may experience guilt in your decision.  Home care is a solution for most families.  Your loved one can receive care at home by trained professionals who can ease your concerns.  The main reason why it is the number one option for families is that both the loved one and the family members involved can feel at ease.

Can the agencies find a home health aide right away?

It depends on the agency.  Home Health Aides are excellent due to their expertise in providing compassionate care to your family members.  When searching for a home care agency, you should consider finding one that trains their employees.  Home Health Aide academies that are associated with their agency are hard to find.  A recommendation is E & S Home Care Solutions.  They train and assist in-home care services.  In the state of New Jersey, E & S Home Care Solutions is considered the number one training facility.  In other words, most agencies employ caregivers who were trained by E & S Home Care Solutions.

How will I pay for home care?

You can pay for home care services through your primary insurance provider or privately.  The advantage with home care services is that your costs are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other options.  Also, home care agencies will offer payment plans that ease the expenses in a way that makes sense to your family financially.  This is what makes home care a number one option.

If you or a loved one would like to receive a quote or a free consultation, contact our home care agency at 888-288-8826 or email at info@eshcs.com. 

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