A Beginner’s Guideline for Home Care Services.

A Beginner’s Guideline for Home Care Services.

What’s home care?

A lot of people don’t know what’s home care and to be fair, I didn’t know what it was until now. Home care allows people with special needs to stay home and get the help they need. These services are provided by professional people in the medical field who are certified to work in this area. According to Alliance Home Health Quality Innovation, some of the tasks would include helping the patient with their medical needs, therapy, daily activities, and assistance in medical social services.

What agencies provide home care services?

When it comes to a home care provider’s, we have a lot of agencies around the country that will help you and your loved one to get the help you need. For example, this is a short list of some of the care agencies around NJ. According to CarePathways.com, these are some of the agencies in the area.

List of Agencies:

How many types of in-home services are there?

To be honest, I didn’t know all the types of in-home services, but let’s go through this together. According to Aging in Place National Council, there are two types. The live-in nurse which is the one that lives with the patient and the second one is the scheduled visits of nurses or caregivers.

Something I wasn’t aware of home care is that you can have a special one taking care of you. They can take special training to be a certified home health aide or home care aides. These two are completely different, even though they sound like they have different tasks.

  • Home Health Aides (HHA): help patients with scheduling, giving prescribed medication or help you to change any bandages.
  • Home Care Aides: provide other services such as hygiene, house tasks, daily activities, and things the person can’t do themselves.


Written by: Johanka Lantigua

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