The Unseen Heroes of Today

Who are These Unseen Heroes?

Certified Home Health Aides

What makes a Certified Home Health Aide a hero?

Home health aides are brought into homes to assist with those who are disabled and elderly. The people who choose this career are not given as much recognition as they deserve because they are only seen by those they directly help. These heroes enter into the lives of those who are in need. The home health aides provide their time, compassion, strength, and comfort. These  heroes often provide their assistance in the final day’s of their client’s lives. There is a great deal of patience needed for this profession. The Certified Home Health Aides are not only a hero to those they help on a daily basis, but to the affected families as well. Illness and old age impact the whole family and the aides are vital to the healing process. The compassion, selflessness, and kindness they show is something to be admired and celebrated. Home Health Aides are there when needed the most.

What is the future for these heroes?

More and more people are choosing personalized home care as opposed to nursing homes. As more people grow older, the demand for Home Health Aides rises. Many people want to live on their own, but need the day to day assistance from Certified Home Health Aides for clothing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and companionship. As the demand grows, more training options are becoming available globally. The importance of personalized care is becoming more prevalent.

How can you become a hero?

Take classes now. E&S Academy provides affordable and flexible training with job opportunities with E&S Home Care Solutions after completion of certificate. The experience is rewarding and the field is growing. You could be the one to change a life for the better!

Written by: Jillian Jablecki

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