Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018

Oh no!  It is the official end of the summer.  I know what you might be thinking!  It is the school season or the summer went too fast.  There was a lot of rain this summer which means we didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we would have liked.  It is exactly what I am thinking. 

The Historical Importance of Labor Day

In modern day, Labor Day is considered the unofficial last day of summer, but I wanted to tell you more about it.  Did you know that Labor Day was a celebration towards the contributions that workers have made to the strength and the laws of this country?  During the Greatest Generation or the early 19th century,  groups of trade unionists paraded the streets to protect the average worker from the harsh conditions that plagued society during that time period.

It is fascinating because the commodities that we take for granted today were problematic during the late 1800s.

How You Should Celebrate it

You should celebrate it with your family and loved ones.  The long weekend is a perfect opportunity for picnics, feasts, barbecues, and other relaxing gatherings.  We, at E & S, want to thank everyone for their support and we wish your families a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

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