Case of the Mondays? Change Your Routine with National Just Because Day…

Case of the Mondays? Change Your Routine with National Just Because Day…

It is Monday today. Why did the weekend have to go by so fast? Does your day feel as plain as the banana picture you clicked on?  I won’t take too much of your time. You probably woke up feeling like you needed something different in your routine.  If that is the case, we are celebrating National Just Because day today.  This is the perfect opportunity to change it up just because you feel the need too.  They developed this holiday to give people a break from the same thing over and over again.

Change It Up

A nice switch up in your routine might be what you need.  It is important that we develop a routine, but at the same time, it is as important to take the time to change and update it.  We are human after all.  After a couple of weeks, the same routine can be exhausting mentally and physically.  It gets boring sometimes too. We wrote this message just because we care about you.  Health is what we do, and the routine thing can cause stress.

What to do Next

I recommend the unexpected. You can try putting your hair another way or a new set of clothes. If you are headed to work, try a different way to get there.  If you eat the same breakfast, try something new.  Whatever you do though!  Make sure you do it for the right reasons and because you feel that it will help make a positive  change in your life.

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