Nursing Homes are Crowded, Home Care Provides Higher Quality Care

Nursing Homes are Crowded, Home Care Provides Higher Quality Care

There is nothing wrong with nursing homes as an option, but I am here to tell you why home care services provide higher quality care.  Throughout the past couple of years, especially in the state of New Jersey, nursing homes have improved their conditions, but not every nursing home is created equally. Staffing is often the issue with nursing homes.  Home Health Aides have more flexibility where they can work.  They have no restrictions regarding how many agencies they can work for at a single time. Home care agencies provide a value to communities that are not seen anywhere else.  9-out-of-10 doctors prefer to have their patients transitioned to home care because home care has proven to be effective. You shouldn’t change what works right?

Understaffed and Crowded 

One of the main reasons why nursing homes should be considered a second option is because they are often crowded and understaffed.  This means your loved one may not receive the attention they deserve throughout the day.  In actuality, the New York Times noted that staffing at nursing homes are inaccurate. Patients can often be left without the attention, proper care, or support that they need.

Switching Today Can Save Problems

Choosing what is right for your family member is sometimes difficult, I totally get it.  There are thousands of blog posts out there that are going to try to change your mind that nursing homes are great.  It’s almost like a ghost town at nursing homes especially when they are low on staff.  According to Jordan Rau, nursing homes lack the personnel possible to achieve more.

You will save problems by switching to today to the home care. 


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