Economic Boom Means Good News for Certified Home Health Aides and Families

Economic Boom Means Good News for Certified Home Health Aides and Families




The importance of Certified Home Health Aides is an understatement.  Baby boomers are one of the largest populations in the United States who are aging and in need of care.  In addition, due to the quality of care someone can receive from home, the need for Certified Home Health Aides has never been higher.  Certified Home Health Aides are one of the largest occupational groups with an estimate of five million workers.  Furthermore, by 2026, this number will continue to rise.

Why the Sudden Change

For several years, nurse aides, Certified Home Health Aides, and caregivers have a high-turnover rate because of the pay.  However, the shift in the economy could improve salaries and opportunities for Certified Home Health Aides throughout the United States.  The turnover rate is due to the low wages provided to healthcare workers.  The government is beginning to understand the value the healthcare occupation has on the economy.   With desperate need for healthcare workers, healthcare professionals have demanded an increase.  It is only a matter of time before it will become a priority.

Care is Priceless and Valuable 


Care is priceless and valuable.  According to Americans, the top issue in America is healthcare.  Healthcare and employment are the two top concerns for Americans.  Home Health Aide positions provide a boost to the economy while at the same time being valuable to the common American family household where health is a top priority.  Families want to ensure their loved ones are safe, secure, and given exactly what they need after retirement. 


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