Home Care Services are In-Demand

Home Care Services are In-Demand

Home care services are in-demand.  As the number one source of employment and care in the United States, home care services are the most sought aftercare treatment plan for families because it is proven to work.  Nursing homes are great for individuals who are in need for care 24/7 or have no other relatives, but Home Health Aide agencies provide elderly and sickly patients with a sense of independence.  There are families who want to feel that their loved one is comfortable and safe.

What Changed?

What changed in the United States was the aging baby boom generation.  Baby boomers are a generation of independent thinkers and family gatherings.  Hospitals and nursing homes were ideal for grandparents, but not for baby boomers.  Baby boomers fear the idea of losing their independence.  Furthermore, home care services have proven to work effectively.  It is why many doctors are switching to home care services versus hospital or long-term care facilities.

Strong Regulations

In the state of New Jersey, there are strong regulations placed on home care agencies to comply with safety and precautionary measures.  Annually, home care agencies undergo an annual inspection to ensure that their care services are quality for the patients who receive them.

Home Health Aides are trained thoroughly.  During a 76-hour training program, Home Health Aides undergo various practices supervised by a well-trained nurse experienced in his or her field.  In actuality, most nurses and healthcare professionals are required to do some form of clinical training before they are accepted into their medical field! 

Home care agencies embrace the future of care being a service that families, of all ages, can use in the comfort of their home.

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