U.S Senate Approves Home Care Contract

U.S Senate Approves Home Care Contract

It’s been on the minds of Home Care agencies, Home Health Aide workers, and patients throughout the United States.  It’s finally happened.  According to the Hartford Courant, the state legislature voted Wednesday to approve a historic three-year contract for 8.500 home care workers.  It is designed to save money and keep patients out of more-expensive nursing homes.

What Does this Approval Mean?

The value of home care is on the rise.  For the first time, Home Health Aides are being recognized for their immeasurable contribution to society.  Millions of elderly report not having the proper care they need.  This means that personal care attendants will receive workers’ compensation coverage for the first time.

Why is it Monumental?

The future in health care is home care.  It’s time that its importance is recognized among society.  The reason why it’s one of the hottest topics currently is due to the rise in demand.  Baby boomers continue to age and there is no sign of there being a decrease in home care services.

There is a high demand for personal care assistants and home health aides in the United States.  Staying at home and recovering, shows a significant increase in patients’ health.  Furthermore, nursing homes charge a larger amount for similar services that can be attained at home.  Doctors are prescribing home care due to its benefits.

What You Can Do to Contribute

This situation effects everyone directly and indirectly.  We have loved ones who require aid and who deserve to be taken care of by the best.  You don’t need to feel helpless in this situation.  You can help!  There are many different things you can do to help the cause.  For one, if you know anyone searching for a new career path, tell them about becoming a Home Health Aide.  Secondly, if you have loved ones in need of care, think about referring them to an agency as their number one option.  Lastly, your support is enough.

It’s time to embrace the future!

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