E&S Home Care Solutions provides a holistic approach to Home Health Care that addresses the physical care and the psychological needs of its patients. Our philosophy centers on regaining the patient’s quality of life by preserving their dignity and supporting their highest level of independent function.
Home Health Services
Certified Home Health Aides

E&S Home Care Solutions provides a holistic approach to Home Health Care that addresses the physical care and the psychological needs of its patients.

Certified Home Health Aides
In-Home Skilled Nursing (RN & LPN)
In-Home Skilled Nursing
(RN & LPN)

Following your physician's plan of care, our highly trained and qualified Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses can come to your residence to provide all facets of nursing care available 24/7.

In-Home Skilled Nursing
Medical Transportation Training
Medical Transportation

The mission of E&S Home Care Solutions is to provide integrated, high quality, medical transportation to the patients, facilities and communities in which we serve.

Medical Transportation
CHHA & CNA Certification
Training & Certification

Our CHHA course is approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

Our CNA course is approved by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.


CHHA & CNA Training

I am pleased to recommend E&S Home Care Solutions for their outstanding service. Since I employ their service; they have been very professional and flexible to accommodate my needs. I would recommend E&S Home Care Solutions to anybody in need for home care. –Diana P.

Being my father was born in Russia, that’s the language he’s most familiar with. We tried few deferent agencies but none of them had a Russian speaking Aide who understood my father’s culture; until we called E&S Home care Solutions. They sent us the most special Aide, she and my father became friends; they share this special bond and talk all day…. What more could we ask for? –Jessica N.

"Your staff were dependable, trustworthy, and kind hearted...I am an only child and was able to sleep and not worry... I have the utmost confidence in E & S Home Care Solutions and would recommend your services to everyone."–Anna N.

"I am extremely satisfied with the treatment I receive from both my employers and fellow staff. The compensation I am given has exceeded my expectations. I feel I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime being a part of such an exceptionally caring and humble company. E&S Home Care Solutions goes above and beyond their call of duty, not only for their employees, but also their clients. I have seen, first hand, how they conduct business both in the office and out in the field and I am completely enamored. Thanks!"–Kimberly A.

"Your caregivers treated my father with respect and friendliness. He always looked forward to your visits. Your caregivers inspired confidence in our family and we were very comfortable with the caregivers in our home. When my mother was no longer able to drive, you helped her run errands, and made doing them an enjoyable event for her. Later when she required physical therapy you were able to provide a professional who worked the programs set up by the doctor that resulted in measurable improvement. In retrospect, E & S Home Care Solutions became full partners with our family in our efforts to enhance the quality of my mothers life. We needed that partnership increasingly as time passed, and we are most grateful to have had it."–Ciara R.

"Just a note to say thank you for the services you provided for my mom. With the assistance of you and your aides, she was able the remain in her apartment, on her own (the way she wanted it). The nice thing is you do not restrict or limit your services. The aides came in time to fix her breakfast and would leave her with something for lunch. They did grocery shopping, drugstore shopping, laundry, trash removal, bed changing, bath assisting- whatever the need of the morning. Time came when mom needed someone close by all the time. There is a real need for the services you offer. We are so glad you were able to help our family."–Donald S.

As an employee of E & S Homecare Solutions, I, Michelle Henriques, am very satisfied with the performance shown from this company. My employer is extremely consistent and responds very quickly to my needs as an employee. This company is very interested in the comfort and satisfaction of all my cases and ensures safety. Working for E & S is very rewarding and all employees are recognized. As an employee, I have options and flexibility within cases, hours and much more. My work-based concerns are always met and handled promptly, accurately and very well explained to me. I have been with E and S Homecare Solutions for a short time; however, I am not ignored and feel no less important than those who have been with the company longer. My employer exceeds the knowledge of how important communication and clear instruction is to the benefit of the company, its clients and its employees. When getting introduced to a case, E and S Homecare communicate fluently with me and the case manager to ensure accuracy and quality of care for all clients. I am always aware of all aspects within my case and never thrown into a case where I am unsure of the environments safety, the briefing of the clients and the location of the case. Working for E and S Homecare Solutions has been very beneficial for me financially and mentally and through experience. They work with me to accommodate my outside personal situations and lifestyle with my case scheduling. In this company I have room to grow and opportunity to enhance my knowledge and position for the agency. I would highly recommend this company to those who are looking for an influential and growing environment. E and S most definitely are like no other agency and is always making sure its employees and clients are well taken care of throughout all aspects. This administration is one with great quality and management that I will always recommend to those who are looking for employment and for home care services. –Michelle H.