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90% of Americans Prefer Aging at Home

Aging in Place

Studies show that 90% of Americans prefer aging at home. It is common sense. It is logical that most of us would prefer to stay at home where we feel love and comfort. Who wouldn’t want to be at the comfort of their home? Aging in place, has become the driving force of the health care industry.

The health care community has changed the past ten years. In the home care industry, especially public perception, has improved drastically. Medical centers, hospitals, doctors, and other professionals see the home care agency as the primary type of care that seniors should consider when aging.

It’s actually more like 90% of Americans prefer to age at home. As more seniors are realizing that they need help and assistance, home health aides assist with basic tasks. People with disabilities have the option of requesting help after hospitalization. The good news is that home care based help is less expensive. Since our nation is experience a shortage of health care workers, home health care is the answer. According to Public Pulse, home care provides quality care at the best price.

This takes into consideration that most home health aides can be hired for a couple hours at a time. Families have more flexibility with how they can schedule a caregiver. Additionally, home health aides are an affordable option. It is a better option for the Federal government as well. Medicaid is reimbursing for the home health aide support services.

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A Heartfelt Message |

It’s almost Labor Day Weekend.  A long weekend where it’s time to relax! 

You’ve probably opened this email with anticipation that it might be something interesting or perhaps a special offer you can’t refuse! It’s more special than that. Throughout the past couple of months, we have had a connection and we are thankful for you reaching out to us for one reason or another. 

You are receiving this email because we remember you too.  This is a token of our gratitude towards your interest in our organization and our promise to surrounding communities to help assist people to achieve their hearts’ dreams through education.

This is a reminder that we provide home care services. We are eager to help assist you in achieving a new career with a family who cares about your future. With us, you’ll always be a part of a successful family.  

Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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Do You Need Insurance When Hiring an In Home Care Person?

This is an excellent question. It is a common question we receive on a daily basis from families that are in need of care assistance. If families are searching to hire their personal home health aide, an aspect to take into consideration is the insurance. Home care agencies offer liability and accident insurance.

This can be more costly for families if they opt to avoid a home care agency. However, if a family wants to consider a home care agency, families do not need health insurance to hire a caregiver. It is the beautiful aspect of home care services. You cannot be turned away if you do not have medical insurance.

For personal care assistance, you do not need insurance to receive home health aide services. Most home care agencies accept private pay too. In actuality, private pay care is more affordable than some people think. The best home care agencies work with families to ensure a payment plan is available. Additionally, their prices are competitive and in the market.

The reason to choose a home care agency for home care services is that overtime you spend less for the quality. It is a win-win for the family.

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A Majority of US Families Rely On Home Care

A majority of US families rely on home care services. It is viewed by the general public as a beneficial choice for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, home health aides are an invaluable part of the health care team. Home health aides help patients get out of bed, prepare meals, follow a care plan for quick recovery, and clean.

The number one reason home care is important to the aging population is because patients stay home. Furthermore, family members have an affordable option to give care to their loved ones. Currently, at least 60% if American families have or have considered the option of bringing a home health aide in to help with the medical needs.

Keeping people in their homes, where they are most comfortable, is preferable by doctors. There are psychological benefits to patients staying at home where they are most familiar and comfortable. Families who have discovered the wonders of home care services are satisfied with their decision. It is the most cost-effective option, and the best choice for their loved ones.

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How to Dress and Groom Someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Have you wondered what it is like for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia to get dressed? The simple, daily routines we take for granted are an obstacle to patients suffering from these disease. These tasks of getting dressed and brushing teeth turn into a hassle because of the many choices that are available.

Mentally, what we see as an easy task is an overwhelming and paralyzing burden for these patients. Families are overwhelmed by the difficulty, but they want to help. Nevertheless, there are advice groups and resources to guide you.

These tips can be found on the Alzheimer’s Association page.

  1. Hand the person the clothing and provide them with step by step instructions.
  2. Find easy to wear apparel like Velcro shoes
  3. Be patient
  4. Be flexible with a person with Alzheimer’s. For instance, if a person wants to wear the same outfit multiple days in the row focus on the positives.
  5. Encourage independence
  6. Use simple grooming tools
  7. Avoid uncomfortable clothing
  8. Be wary of the weather because people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s do not regulate their body temperature
  9. Maintain grooming routines
  10. Use favorite toiletries like toothpaste, perfume, and razors.

The main point is to make the person feel independent while not stressing them out.