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We Thank You – Memorial Day Weekend

We want to wish everyone a happy, safe, and memorable Memorial Day Weekend. This post is to demonstrate our sincerest gratitude for those who served and died protecting our freedoms. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States where we honor brave men and women for their service.

As our unwavering token of our gratitude, please take a moment to remember our fallen loved ones. You can use this time to reflect, spend time with family, and truly enjoy the wonders that our liberties provide us.

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Remembering the Heroes of Memorial Day Weekend

Remembering the Heroes of Memorial Day Weekend

There is a modern cliche from some businesses in today’s society to use this holiday as a time to meet sales goals or attempt to drown out the true importance of this priceless weekend. Lives of millions of soldiers are what the holiday is truly for. Memorial Day weekend is not about sales.  It is about remembering the sacrifices brave veterans throughout history and today.

E + S Home Care Solutions thanks the brave soldiers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow for their heroic ventures because without them our nation’s freedom could not exist. A thank you is not enough to appreciate the incredible penance of American soldiers, but it is a small start. Our soldiers provided us with the opportunities to pursue our lifelong passions, dream careers, and our happiness without the concern of tyrannical governments attempting to crush the fabric of our existence.

For the purpose of remembering our freedom, E + S Home Care Solutions dedicates this weekend to the special men and women in our armed forces.  They make a difference in our daily lives.  It is vital that we honor them.