Live-in Home Care Agency

Live- in elder care is a 24-hour service that focuses on caring for the elderly in their home.  However, seniors or individuals who need around-the-block assistance from a caregiver, hiring a live-in home health aide through a home care agency is a safer. It is a safer option because of the agreement and the peace of mind you can have without worrying about creating an agreement.  

The estimated amount for a Live-In Home Care service is as low as $1000 to $5,000 per month versus the $5,000 to $10,000 per month.  This can be an issue especially if your family lives on a budget. Also, the wide-range price for home care agencies depends on the geographic location. Therefore on a general basis, the cost of a live-in home health aide is less expensive in comparison to assisted live-in. 

Patients who have the following needs will require live-in care: Hospital discharge patients, Caring for couples, Patients who need bathing and dressing assistance, Companionship, Exercise,Grocery shopping and/or laundry,Medication reminders, Oral and personal hygiene, and Respite care for family caregivers.

Top ten agencies

1- E&S Home Care Solution

2- BONJOUR Senior Home Care

3- Synergy Home Care

4 – Expert Home Care

5- ComForCare Home Care

6- Care For U Plus home care

7- Health and Comfort Home Care

8- TLC Home Care Services

9- Elite Home Care

10- We C.A.R.E. Home Care

What is a Home Care Agency?

When your elderly loved ones start aging up and you could not have the time or the experiences to help them. Families start to deciding between an independent caregiver and a professional caregiver who is hired through a home care agency.

The differences between both of them that the independent caregiver will be someone like a friend, neighbor, or a family member. However, on the other hand, the caregiver hired through a home care agency has more experiences and knowledge.

Home Agencies are licensed Businesses

Home care agencies are licensed businesses that employ caregivers send them to the home of your loved ones. The caregiver who is hired through a home care agency is more professional. They could provide to your loved one’s medical care and non-medical care.

Professional medical care is such as nursing or nursing assistant or medical care. Non-medical care is daily activities such as meal prepping, eating, bathing. All of those tasks could be provided without any professional training.

Differences between independent and professional caregivers

It is a challenge to found an independent caregiver who is professional and also licensed. However, home care could provide a professional caregiver that is licensed. The professional caregiver could provide services as injections, disabilities, assist with meals and nutrition.

The difference between the independent caregiver and the professional caregiver. When a family works with a home care agency decides that they are unhappy with the quality of care they are receiving. The family can simply request a different caregiver from the same home care agency.

In contrast, families who have hired an independent caregiver. When the family is unhappy with the quality of care. They must go through the process of searching, hiring, and training a new independent caregiver.

Cost Differences and Why?

Home care agencies are more expensive than independent caregivers, but as mentioned before that they are more professional and licensed.

The average hourly rate for home care through a home care agency is around $21 per hour. On the other hand, independent caregivers are much less they will receive around $15 to $17 per hour.

They are significant state and regional differences in the hourly cost of home care. These differences will be the hours that the family will put in hiring and management.

Therefore, the home care agency helps the family by many free matching services available to find a good match for them.

Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlesly

Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlessly

Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlesly

The sad truth is that thousands of patients per day are admitted to the hospital needlessly.   For most patients who are brought to the ER, there return to the hospital is preventable by following treatment plans that the doctor prescribes once they leave.  The problem is that, as primary caregivers to our loved ones, we’re afraid to admit that we might need help.

Hospitals admissions can be prevented if they had a professional at home to care for them.  Doctors and medical experts recommend having someone care for a loved one in the initial stages of returning home.  The primary reason is that professionals are trained to provide the extra attention that sometimes can be neglected by the family members and not on purpose either.  It can be a daunting task especially when there are other household responsibilities.

Home care is an easy and reliable solution to preventing further complications.  The best part is that it is an affordable alternative too.  If you have a loved one who needs care, reach out to your local home care agency or contact us today at 888-288-8826.

5 Things You Should Know About Aging Loved Ones and Home Care

5 Things You Should Know About Aging Loved Ones and Home Care

5 Things You Should Know About Aging Loved Ones and Home Care

The thought may not have crossed your mind yet.  It’s possible you’ve noticed your loved one around the home needs extra attention.  You may have heard your options regarding providing the quality care your loved one needs.  It is not always easy choosing the best option and it can sometimes leave you with a feeling of guilt if you feel that your decision will cause more stress than you may already have.

Home care is the number one solution for working families.

Five important things you should know: 

  1. How to pay for home care services
    1. Most agencies accept most insurances and private pay.  Private pay is an affordable option.
  2. The benefits of home care services
    1.  A loved one can stay at home where their surroundings are familiar.  It is psychologically and physically beneficial for loved ones to stay in the comfort of their home.
    2. Care can be available 24/7.  There is no substitute.
  3. The limitations of home care 
    1. Home care is a perfect solution for most long-term care options.  There are limitations though.  Be aware of home care agencies that do not have proper accreditations.  
  4. Why home care is the future 
    1. Hospitals are expensive.  Doctors are realizing that their patients’ do better when they recover at home with specific treatment plans.
  5. Why medical professionals choose home care over other options
    1. The reason is simple.  It is the future.  With the technology available today and the need for loved ones to feel independent, there is no other option better than staying at home and receiving the care from a trained professional.

The Cost of Home Care is More Affordable Than You Think

The Cost of Home Care is More Affordable Than You Think

The Cost of Home Care is More Affordable Than You Think

You spend your entire life being cared for, but now it’s your turn to provide the care for your parents or grandparents.  The cost of caring for a loved-one is the last thing on a family’s mind.  When it comes to love, care should not have a price tag.  Unfortunately, the real world has a different view.  The care of a loved one doesn’t need to be expensive though.  You can find real, affordable care without breaking the bank or feeling guilty about it either.  You should be able to feel comfortable with your decision and the safety of a loved one who may need extra care.

How Expensive is Home Care?

This is an excellent question.  The advantages of home care are that you can choose to pay-out-of-pocket or use your insurance to pay the cost for the services.  Reputable home care agencies accept most insurances and will assist you if need be with the process of getting home care to your home as quickly as possible.

Home care expenses can depend on what you need.  They are flexible.  In addition, most home care agencies design payment plans for your family’s needs.

Why You Should Choose Family Owned Home Care Agencies? 

You should choose family-owned home care agencies because they understand the reality of caring for sick, loved ones.   Family owned home care agencies, such as E & S Home Care Solutions, work efficiently to provide the necessary care that your family needs in order to be worry-free.