You Must Remember “I Cannot Fall.” How to Prevent Falls and Accidents.

How to Prevent Falls
How to Prevent Falls at Home

It’s a new year and an opportunity to be a new you. For 2020, our Director of Nursing wanted to provide advice on how to prevent falls. The most important thing to remember is “to not fall.” As simple as this advice is, it is crucial for many seniors to follow.

A fall can create a serious injury which sometimes lead to fractures or death for seniors. Furthermore, with proper instructions, these falling incidents can be prevented.

Sadly, falls can create complications. When someone is ready to stand up, it’s vital that they utilize their supportive devices like a walking device or a cane. These devices can assist someone to stand or rise to their feet. Once an individual stands on their feet

8 Important Points to Remember When Avoiding Falling

  1. Stand up slowly and when you’re ready
  2. Dangle your feet and check your barrings
  3. Check in with yourself if you are ready to step out of bed
  4. Use a cane or a device if necessary
  5. Check that these devices are close by to you
  6. Don’t go out on rainy or snowy days
  7. Be wary of your walking path to avoid obstacles or obstructions
  8. Remind yourself not to fall

When you get up in the morning, “you cannot fall.” This small phrase can make the difference in the world.

Home Care Advice of the Week | Check for Home Health Aide References

Home Care Advice of the Week

We have introduced a new series for families searching for home care. Weekly, we share home care advice given by experts in the field. This week Doctor Jayne Mead tells families to check for home health aide references.

This series focuses on home health care. It provides valuable advice that families will need when they are ready to enter the home care world.

Pick the Right Qualities Home Health Aides Need

Home health aides need to fit the qualities that your family needs. Additionally, don’t be quick to hire a home health aide. This is a valuable decision that can affect the health of your loved one.

Doctor Jayne Mead: “I would advise the family to check for references. What qualities are you looking for a home health aide? This is the person who will be taking care of your loved one.” Families should take the screening process seriously.

Home Health Aides Compliment Family Needs

Home Health Aides should be a great help! This is why people opt to go for home care agencies. A home care agency has access to home health aide records, history, and a number of other credentials. Family safety is the number one priority.

In conclusion, choose a home health aide that will compliment your family’s needs.