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Being Kind Helps Improve Overall Health

Being Kind Helps Improve Overall Health

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  Despite the cold temperatures and the white flakes that we like to call snow, it is this time of year that is known for random acts of kindness.  The kindness shown to others have been known to improve overall health.  Studies show that people, who are generally kind to others especially in the home health care industry, have higher self-esteem and are happier with their lives.

The holidays bring families together.  The moral values of kindness and giving is a tradition that is constantly expressed through various forms of what is perceived as kindness.

The truth is kindness in medical matters.   When patients are ill or feeling discomfort, feelings of being looked after can increase their healing.   Ninety-percent of patients would switch doctors or home care facilities if they were treated unkindly.  Furthermore, eighty percent of patients would pay more for kinder care.  Additionally, caregivers need to understand how to connect on a personal level.

Home Health Aides are at the seventy percentile when it comes to providing a personal level care that is unprecedented to other health care workers.  The statistics show that when patients experience feelings of comfort, they can fully focus on healing.  Although Americans may not see the value in kindness, eighty-eight percent of patients feel that being kind is a treatment that is vital to their health. 

When considering what is important for your health, consider the people around you. Do they make you feel happy?  Are they there to support you twenty-four seven?  Can you feel safe around them?  These are valid questions that can improve your health.

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Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

The world is filled with good people and organizations willing to give back to the communities that sustain their existence. Giving back to the communities, is what Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions do on a daily basis.  Bridgeway provides life-changing results that serve individuals throughout the state of New Jersey.  In addition to employment and educational services, Bridgeway assists with primary care.


Healthy People Improves Everything

E & S Home Care Solutions networks with thousands of medical facilities daily and is associated with companies to ensure that proper care is provided to people who need them.  We work as a team because health care is important to societies.  Healthy people equals better education, services, and quality of life. We believe in not turning away those in need of care and similarly we aide in communities.

Why We Care 

Our centers care because they were founded on principles and morals.  The reason we care is that we are a family-owned business based on principles of respect. Our staff understands family values.

A Special Thank You 

E & S Home Care Solutions extends a special thank you to Bridgeway for their hospitality and contributions to the communities they serve.