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Am I Too Old?

Am I Too Old?

Am I Too Old?

Am I too old?  This is a frequent question that we ask ourselves on a daily basis.  As we age, we begin to question whether our life pursuits are too far out of our reach.  Society tells us that there is a limit to what we accomplish and usually it should be done in our youth.

If you are asking yourself these questions, then what I am saying is definitely true!

  1. Am I too old for marriage?
  2. Am I too old to start a business?
  3. Am I too old for love?
  4. Am I too old to become a nurse?
  5. Am I too old for law school?
  6. Am I too old for my job?
  7. How old is too old?


Merle and Stella

What a beautiful story!

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The Answer is No 

The answer to your questions is no.  You are not too old.  You may have limitations that prevent you from accomplishing your goal quickly, but there is always a way to get as close as to your goal as possible.  Our brains are designed to find solutions to our problems.  The problems we create sometimes are from irrational fears.

Remember Everyone has a Journey

When we enter this world,  If the time has taught us anything, is that everyone has a journey in life.  We live our lives with predetermined notions that we need to be somewhere at a certain age.  The truth is we need to not compare ourselves to other people and be satisfied with where we are in life.

Three examples:  

  1. Harry Bernstein wrote his first book at age 93
  2. Peter Mark Roget printed the first Thesaurus at age 73
  3. Kathryn Joosten won her first Emmy at 66

You Don’t Need to Be Alone 

This goes back to the limitations problem.  There is help out there for you.  The best goals that are achieved are goals that are supported by others.  When you have support, there is nothing better than that.  

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Remembering the Heroes of Memorial Day Weekend

Remembering the Heroes of Memorial Day Weekend

There is a modern cliche from some businesses in today’s society to use this holiday as a time to meet sales goals or attempt to drown out the true importance of this priceless weekend. Lives of millions of soldiers are what the holiday is truly for. Memorial Day weekend is not about sales.  It is about remembering the sacrifices brave veterans throughout history and today.

E + S Home Care Solutions thanks the brave soldiers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow for their heroic ventures because without them our nation’s freedom could not exist. A thank you is not enough to appreciate the incredible penance of American soldiers, but it is a small start. Our soldiers provided us with the opportunities to pursue our lifelong passions, dream careers, and our happiness without the concern of tyrannical governments attempting to crush the fabric of our existence.

For the purpose of remembering our freedom, E + S Home Care Solutions dedicates this weekend to the special men and women in our armed forces.  They make a difference in our daily lives.  It is vital that we honor them.