How Valentine Day relates to Home Care Agencies?

Love is the most powerful of human bonds, not easily broken or forgotten.  Love continue to love those who have passed long after they are gone, and memories of first loves remain well into old age.

To love, and to age, is a privilege, and the ability to love and find love is bound by the constraints of neither age nor time. You may not know it, but Valentines’ day represents family, love, and unity. Home care agencies are the same! they represent family, love, and unity. It’s why they’re closer together than you think!

Importance of Relationships

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day there couldn’t be a better time to talk about the importance of love and its relationship to home care. There’s no denying it, healthy romantic relationships are most definitely good for the heart.It’s why

However, science confirms that healthy relationships in any form, from spouses to trusted associates, are the key to happiness and to living a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life.

Social Connections

When providing home care, we focus on social connections, community engagement, and building relationships. Some people it may be as simple as a perfectly matched caregiver who becomes a close friend.

There may be trips to community group activities, time spent online connecting with overseas friends and family via social media networks. Therefore, those with adventure in their bones, could go on a trip overseas with a caregiver to provide companionship and assistance whilst traveling.

Home Care Considers Relationships

Home care considers and seeks to maintain a person’s relationships and their engagement in their communities. It prevents them from suffering the risk of anxiety and stress due to loneliness.

A study published in November 2018 found that one in four Americans report being lonely. Higher levels of social anxiety and depression and poorer psychological health. Additionally, being physically alone due to loneliness stemming from a lack of meaningful relationships, can be harmful.

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

The world is filled with good people and organizations willing to give back to the communities that sustain their existence. Giving back to the communities, is what Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions do on a daily basis.  Bridgeway provides life-changing results that serve individuals throughout the state of New Jersey.  In addition to employment and educational services, Bridgeway assists with primary care.


Healthy People Improves Everything

E & S Home Care Solutions networks with thousands of medical facilities daily and is associated with companies to ensure that proper care is provided to people who need them.  We work as a team because health care is important to societies.  Healthy people equals better education, services, and quality of life. We believe in not turning away those in need of care and similarly we aide in communities.

Why We Care 

Our centers care because they were founded on principles and morals.  The reason we care is that we are a family-owned business based on principles of respect. Our staff understands family values.

A Special Thank You 

E & S Home Care Solutions extends a special thank you to Bridgeway for their hospitality and contributions to the communities they serve.