Nursing Homes Struggle While Home Care Agencies Thrive

Nursing Homes Struggle Whole Home Care Agencies Thrive

Nursing Homes Struggle While Home Care Agencies Thrive

The decision to place your loved one in a nursing home or a home care agency is a tough one.  Honestly, I hope that I will never make that decision.  However, for most of us, it is a choice that will eventually happen in our lives whether it is for someone we care about or for ourselves.  Despite what nursing homes advertise, typically they are more expensive and their public perception plus patient trust is lacking.

The Better Option 

Home care continues to be the better option and not only because of the incapabilities for the nursing home to properly staff, but it’s a safer option for long-term care.  The idea behind home care services continues to be a new concept although it has been common practice in society.  For many patients, house calls were a norm.

Doctors Recommend It

Home care agencies are relatively new to the general public.  Home care services support men and women who require direct attention on a daily basis.  Doctors and specialists recommend it too.  There is no better or warmer place than at home.  With the caregivers’ help and constant check-ups from Nurses, the care is practiced in a controlled environment.

Home Health Aide Services can offer 24/7 care too. Psychologically, patients recover quicker when they are surrounded by what is familiar to them.  A quality home care agency can certainly provide a better option.

Instantly Hired – Certified Home Health Aides

Instantly Hired - Certified Home Health Aides

Instantly Hired – Certified Home Health Aides

Do you love working with people?  Are you satisfied with your current employment?  If you worked with E & S Home Care Solutions, the answer to these questions are a resounding yes.  Our Certified Home Health Aides prefer to work with E & S Home Care Solutions because of the culture.  We believe that everyone, especially our caregivers, is important equally.

We are hiring immediately for Certified Home Health Aide. You can pick and choose your schedules.


  • Certified Home Health Aide license
  • Basic Physical/Recent Immunization Record
  • 2 Forms of Government ID
  • Social Security Card

If you don’t have a certified home health aide license, we offer affordable training sessions that are convenient. The courses are only 3-weeks plus we provide an online option too.

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide or a Caregiver has certain elements of their job that make it stressful to care for patients directly.  I speak to Home Health Aides on a daily basis, and their main concern is that they want to be successful at their job.  There are an estimated 50 million family home health aides looking after disabled and elderly loved ones.  A majority of Home Health Aides might be taking care of a grandparent or a parent.

It is no secret that caregivers care about their job, and I have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you become a successful home health aide. 

Helpful Tip #1:  It’s not as easy as it may sound, but exercise is said to help improve the health of your mind and body.  I am not talking about vigorous exercises or hitting the gym hard.  A leisure 20-min walk is said to decrease stress-related problems.

Helpful Tip #2:  Take time off when you need to.  Being a companion or a caregiver to someone can be tiring and take its toll.  Your body and mind are a temple.  If you notice that you become irritable quicker, you are more tired than usual, and you don’t have the patience to handle certain situations, it’s time to take time off to recover,.

Helpful Tip #3:  Less Worrying. More Smiling.  Emotionally, our brains are interconnected with our body.  When you laugh and smile more, you can relieve the tension and stress you feel.


Congratulations to Our Newest Certified Home Health Aide Classes

Congratulations to Our Newest Certified Home Health Aide Class

They smile because they are compassionate.  These caregivers are ready to provide families with well-deserved care.  They receive extensive hands-on training with patients and experienced Nurses to ensure that they are given the field-experience necessary to perform their jobs.

This is a special congratulations to our newest home health aide graduates. It is the best way to start the week with a graduating class that is ready to embark on their next journey of success. fantastic combination of learning and employment opportunities.

They are smiling because of the wonderful experience they had. It’s simple, easy, and worth it. As part of our family, we want to welcome the newest group of graduates for the 2019 year. Our doors will always be open to you.

Better Care At Home

Better Care at Home

Better Care At Home

I am sure you heard the rumors or have seen the advertisements online while checking your Facebook.  It’s about the new way of receiving health care.  We know that millions of Americans, including myself and yourself, are in search of a health care system that is reliable plus affordable.

Where Can I Find Quality Care?

I explore the internet for common problems that people encounter when they search for alternative methods to care.  What I noticed is that there is no straight answer to the question of what is the best type of care.  It really depends on what you are searching for.  However, a common concern among health care seekers is the quality.  Am I going to receive quality care if I choose this path?  This is an excellent question to ask because without quality care how can you expect to get better or have an independent lifestyle?

Better Care is at Home

There are thousands upon thousands of articles expressing what is the best healthcare system for you.  In reality, you’re the only person who can answer that question.  What are your needs?  Can your family be there to monitor?  What I can say though is that most people prefer care at home.  It has been proven that people receive better care at home.  Psychologically, people recover quicker when they recognize their surroundings.  Physically, there is no better comfort than knowing that you are in your own bed and your own house.

What I have learned is that health care is a universal concern for the general public.  Care at home is possible in today’s day and age.  It is better than ever with the technological advancements that have been made.