Certified Home Health Aides are the Solution to Today’s Growing Problem

Certified Home Health Aides are the Solution to Today's Growing Problem

Today’s Growing Problem

There is currently a growing problem in today’s society.  The shortage of Certified Home Health Aides is an issue that is been becoming more prevalent with time. The number of patients is increasing. The baby boomer’s generation is reaching retirement age. Many people of this generation need additional help for health and mobility reasons. The demand for home health aides is increasing, as are the qualities needed to make someone dependable and successful in this field. There are simply not enough professional caregivers for all those in need.

Why Certified Home Health Aide?

Home health aides have been growing in need. These individuals provide care in the daily lives to those with disabilities, illnesses or impairments. The duties cover household duties, administering medicine, changing, checking temperature and heart rate, and assisting with moving the patient.  Many older adults prefer home care to nursing homes because of the familiarity of their home and the comfort of individualized care. This care is often necessary after hospitalizations and can reduce the patients’ risk of re-hospitalization. The Certified Home Health Aides can monitor preexisting and potential health problems. The quality of care delivered in this profession is of the utmost importance. It is a care that makes a deep impact on the patient and the patients families.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
-Margaret Mead

Caring for another can be a difficult task. The physical demands of moving adults and taking care of their needs is a barrier for many wanting to enter this career. Another barrier is the emotional toll of caring for individuals until they pass away. While it can be a difficult task, the rewards can far outweigh the negatives. For one, the difference you will make in someone’s life is immeasurable. Giving care and attention to someone in their darkest days and forming a relationship with the individual is an indescribable feeling that makes any bad day worth it. Another positive of the career is the ever-growing demand. Joining the field will expand your options and reduce the fear of unemployment.

Are You Part of the Solution?

Certified Home Health Aides are one of the highest in demand for medical professionals. These professional caregivers are trained to provide effective care for patients in the comfort of their own homes. You will be equipped to handle daily activities and medical needs. It’s the perfect career for someone who enjoys personal relationships and wants to be the healthcare field. Many training programs are only a few weeks to get certified in your state. Companies, such as E&S Academy, can provide job opportunities once the certification is completed with them and can help with further training. It’s a career where you can personalize your path and feel rewarded.

Home Care is a Global Phenomenon

Home Care is a Global Phenomenon

Home Care is a Global Phenomenon

Home care is a global phenomenon.  It is not only aging Americans that are reliant on home care services.  Baby boomers are one of the largest populations on Earth currently.  As they age, their needs continue to increase. However, the general mindset on the population relies on independence.  It is the future of care.  Medical facilities can provide care internationally, and there is no reason why care at home can’t be possible.

Nations that provide home care services: 

  • Australia
  • China
  • Italy
  • Taiwan
  • UK
  • Scotland
  • Ukraine
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Ireland

There are fourteen countries currently that provide caregiving services and prefer to have care at home.  In addition to the home care services, a majority of the caregivers choose to rely on medical resources during caregiving older people.  These countries mainly believe that family plays an important role in providing to its older parents.  In cultures were the children are responsible for caring for the adults, are civilizations that rely on caregiving to be a resource especially if the siblings are responsible to take care of themselves financially.

For example, in Taiwan, about one-out-of-three receive long-term care or home care.  There were over 600,000 family caregivers in Taiwan and they spend an average of fourteen hours a day caregiving.  These countries provide home care services for their elderly.  While some nations do not have an official home care service or do not consider it as caregiving, several other countries offer services where patients can receive care at home.  

What this means for you is that home care services are reliable and families worldwide depend on them to ensure that their loved ones are cared for.  

Finding Live-In Senior Care Near You

Finding Live-In Senior Care Near You

Finding Live-In Senior Care Near You

Are you deciding what to do next for your loved one?  Do they live with dementia?  Can they use help around the house?  These are questions you may be asking yourself if you need a full-time live in for home care. Home care can alleviate tasks and assist in companion care for seniors in need.

Finding a Live-In Senior Care facility or home care agency can be tough these days.  Home care agencies that provide live-in services have characteristics you should pay attention too when searching for a live-in home health aide for your loved one. The best way to find Live-In Senior Care near you is through Google.  

Search engines are powerful today.  They can show you home care agencies near you and at the same time reveal to you the type of agency you will be dealing with.

Key components to look for when searching for a live-in companion for the elderly to assist at home with the day to day tasks: 

  1. Does the home health aide agency have their license number displayed?
  2. Do they run a home health aide training agency?
    1. The reason to look into this is that some home care agencies can be short-staffed which means their home health aides might not be reliable
  3. Does the home care agency take the time to read reviews and reply to clients?
  4. What is their rating through Google and Yelp?
  5. Are they accredited?

When you ask these important questions, make sure that you understand your options.  Doctors and medical facilities will refer you to home care agencies that may not be the best fit for your family or loved one.   Private home care agencies are harder to find through Google search and through medical facilities, but the advantage is, they tend to offer higher quality care.

Through a Doctor or a 3rd Party and How to Decide Which Private Home Health Care Agency is Best for You

It can be a tricky situation. Doctors refer patients to specialists all the time. The problem with referrals is that they don’t always find the best home care agencies that are local or near your location.  Doctors will refer clients to Home Health Aide agencies that have a relationship with the hospital, but not necessarily the best fit for your family.  Before committing to a single agency, do your research or use a live-in checklist that will aid you with your decision.

Additional Help With Choosing Live-In Home Health Aide Agency

You don’t need to make this decision alone.  You have options in New Jersey and we are the go-to option.  Your family is important to us. You can call us at 888-288-8826 today to schedule a free consultation for live-in cases or additional home care services.  We are available 24/7 via email at info@eshcs.com. 

24/7 Care is Available with Home Care Agencies

24/7 Care is Available with Home Care Agencies

24/7 Care is Available with Home Care Agencies

You may be asking yourself what can I do if a loved one needs care 24/7?  This is a good question!  A nursing home may be an alternative solution, but a costly one.  As aging Americans increase in the United States, there is a large number of adults aged 65 and over needing around-the-clock care.  This is over 30% in the next 20 years. 

Live-In Home Health Aides are Valuable

Live-in home health aides and caregivers are becoming more valuable this day-in-age.  Researchers predict that, throughout the United States and various countries, there will be plenty of people that will need independent care.  Since patients are more accustomed to having accessible care at home, home care is the preferred option for growing aging adults and their families.

What You Can Do

If you know of a loved one or you’re in need of someone to take care of you throughout the day, don’t be shy.  You should contact your nearest home care agency.  The cost is less expensive than you think.  A good quality home health aide and a reputable agency can provide long-term solutions to your daily needs.  With adults with dementia and in need of care, home health care highlights the importance of ensuring those patients do not return to the hospital.

This is your best opportunity to find care for your loved one by contacting us today at 888-288-8826. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2018

Oh no!  It is the official end of the summer.  I know what you might be thinking!  It is the school season or the summer went too fast.  There was a lot of rain this summer which means we didn’t get to enjoy it as much as we would have liked.  It is exactly what I am thinking. 

The Historical Importance of Labor Day

In modern day, Labor Day is considered the unofficial last day of summer, but I wanted to tell you more about it.  Did you know that Labor Day was a celebration towards the contributions that workers have made to the strength and the laws of this country?  During the Greatest Generation or the early 19th century,  groups of trade unionists paraded the streets to protect the average worker from the harsh conditions that plagued society during that time period.

It is fascinating because the commodities that we take for granted today were problematic during the late 1800s.

How You Should Celebrate it

You should celebrate it with your family and loved ones.  The long weekend is a perfect opportunity for picnics, feasts, barbecues, and other relaxing gatherings.  We, at E & S, want to thank everyone for their support and we wish your families a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.