Are You Stuck at Home? Home Care Jobs Are Recession-Free

Are you stuck at home? Are you searching for something to do? Have you considered the possibility of changing your career? These are good questions to ask yourself. It may be cool for awhile to stay at home and do nothing. Who doesn’t like that? However, after awhile, you’ll start to get bored. The stay-at-home … Read more

Questions to Ask an Agency or a Home Health Aide

10 Questions to Ask During a Home Health Aide Interview

You might feel overwhelmed with the decision of picking the right home health aide or agency. If you are hiring through a home care agency or by your own, screening applicants is an important part of the process of hiring the right one for your family. This guide gives ten questions that you should ask … Read more

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Slow Killer

People are living longer nowadays than ever before. That means that people are able to experience more of life and spend more time with family. However, with old age comes to some drawbacks. Pain, medical problems and lack of energy just to name a few. Unfortunately, the worst thing may not be something you can see … Read more

Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related We have heard the phrase “health is important.”   Health, before money, is the number one concern on most people’s minds.  The reason is that without health it is hard to accomplish our goals or dreams.  In other words, it is our health that provides us with the foundation to … Read more