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4 Ways To Relieve Your Arthritis Today

4 Ways to Relief Your Arthritis Today

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion, arthritis effects 54 million people. It can limit their activities and their mobility. It is stated that more than 1 in 4 adults suffer from severe joint pain. Our clients often talk about their arthritis pain and ask for tips on how to alleviate the pain.

Contrary to what people may believe, arthritis effects all age groups which includes babies and children. Furthermore, people spend more than $140 billion on arthritis relief

What is Arthritis?

The best method for treating arthritis is understanding what it is. Arthritis is not a single disease. Commonly, it is a painful and degenerative condition. It can worsen with age if not treated properly. Additionally, joints can stiffen or become inflamed which causes pain. Since there are different kinds of arthritis, like Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid, diagnosis helps with treatment.

4 Ways to Treat Your Relieve Your Arthritis Naturally

Medication is an alternative to natural remedies. However, if you want to alleviate your symptoms without medication, try these four remedies to help you get through the pain.


The benefits of exercise are endless. A simple walk of twenty minutes per day can increase a person’s mood and alleviate pain. Regular movements maintain flexibility of your joints and body. The best type of exercises are low -impact workouts like swimming, walking, or aerobics.

Massage Therapy

The Arthritis Foundation suggests regular massaging with arthritic joints. A massage releases and produces certain hormones that reduce pain. Not only does it help reduce physical pain, but mental anxiety too. It assists with the stiffness of the muscles while relaxing the mind. It assists with improved range of motion which decreases frustration. Massage can be done at home and without a licensed professional.


I started using Calm several months ago when I felt random pains throughout my body. After struggling with anxiety and stress, I realized that I needed a way to calm my mind. It is the rave for 2019. You may have heard about meditation. With the thousands of phone apps available, meditation doesn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. It can be done at the leisure of your time too.

Home Care

Home care has become a popular treatment remedy for a number of diseases and chronic conditions. A home health aide can provide a patient with comfort and an ease a mind with friendly reminders to follow through with their plans. Furthermore, home care services can manage tasks that might aggravate joint pain.

Final Thoughts on Arthritis

We want to make the best of our life. This means enjoying every second that we are given on Earth. There is no reason for you to suffer through pain. With the modern advances that we have today, you can find relief through natural remedies.

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The Good Life: Schedule a Free Consultation for at Home Health Care

The good life is being happy. Our home care agency wants you to be happy this holiday season.

We are almost mid way through the month of November. Thanksgiving and Christmas are near us. They bring special moments, but sometimes they offer challenges. For families that have loved ones that require additional attention, they need the extra help. The holidays are the best and happiest times. They should bring our families closer together.

Home Health care can give families a peace of mind this holiday. If you have a loved one suffering from a chronic condition or needs the companionship, look no further than our home care agency. The best part is that there is no obligation in accepting what we have to offer.

Schedule a Consultation for at Home Health Care

You can schedule a free consultation for at home health care. The consultations give you an insight on how to better care for your loved ones. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at info@eshcs.com or visit our website at https://eshcs.com/schedule-a-free-home-care-consultation/ to schedule a time for our specialists to speak to your families.

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Home Care Is the Number One Option for Care and Job Creation

Home Care is the Number One Option for Care and Jobs

The home care industry is the leading job creator. In fact, home care is far out pacing other options for employment. It provides employment opportunities for local communities. Additionally, home care agencies act as health care centers for families. The demand for home care jobs is far outpacing other types of long-term care.

Home Care is Cost Effective

There are numerous reasons why home care is becoming the number one option for care. For one, home care is affordable because of the basic economic supply and demand. With more baby boomers aging and retiring, they prefer to stay at home. The competitive advantage of keeping price affordable for home care needs is a must. There are more political agendas focused on reducing the cost of home care services for the general public.

Secondly, home care provides hospitals the option to reduce their readmission rates. The reduction of readmission rates means less expenses for patients and for hospitals. Home Health Aides reduce the problems that are associated with improper care after being discharged.

Home Care Is Reliable

The question of home care being reliable is not a debate. It is a given. Families choose to have a caregiver at home because it is a safe option. Home care agencies act as in-home nurses. This is due to the 24/7 access families have. Furthermore, studies show that families benefit from home care services. The patient enjoys the company of having someone near them while the families receive a peace of mind.

Home Care Is Safe

This reason is probably the most important. It is a safe choice. There are little to no fall backs for home care. For one, your loved one receives comfort and care at the safety of their home. Secondly, it’s growth is a result of the effectiveness. The more families that discover the convenience of home care services the more that are willing to tell others their secret to happiness and better health.

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4 Important Traits that Every Caregiver Should Have

Traits that are Important to a Home Health Aide

Families ask me all the time what traits every caregiver should have. This is a common question because sometimes families aren’t sure what makes a reliable home health aide. Nevertheless, after working with home health aides for a couple years, what I realized is that the best home health aides are the ones that have characteristics important to the job.

Home Health Aides need to be great communicators. In addition, they require patience, need to be attentive to the patient’s needs, and emotional intelligence is at the top of their most important attributes. A home health aide requires emotional intelligence to handle most situations especially when the situation calls for compassion or a stern mind to ensure that the patient follows the care plan assigned to them.

The four qualities required by home health aides:

  1. Patience
  2. Similar interests to the patient
  3. Attentive
  4. Emotional Intelligent
4 Traits Every Caregiver Needs
4 Traits Every Home Health Aide Needs

A caregiver’s main responsibility to ensure that their patient is happy. It is up to the families what they want to search for in a caregiver. Qualities may differ, but the mission at heart is the same. The patience happiness is vital their health.

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E & S Gives Away Pink Ribbon Pins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month E & S Home Care Solutions will give away Pink Ribbon Pins to mark the Breast Cancer Awareness month. These pink ribbons are reminder of the importance of annual checkups. They offer a small reminder to the greater cause.

My mother was the first one to receive a pink ribbon today. I gave it to her when I remembered that her sister passed away from Breast Cancer. The ribbon was a small reminder that we still think about her until this day. When I gave her the ribbon, she looked at me with her sky-blue colored eyes. The tiny gesture was more than enough to bring peace to the situation.

“What E & S Home Care Solutions is doing is incredible. My sister died from breast cancer. It brought me to tears especially because even the smallest things can go a long way,” Anita stated with tears in her eyes when she remembered how her sister passed away from Breast Cancer. It tears apart families and can go as far as taking away someone we love before we are ready to let go.

It’s one of those situations where you try not to think about it. It is real and out there. You may not want to be directly involved with remembering. However, even the small gestures can make a small difference. It might inspire others to do more.