Best Devices and Apps for Seniors

There is a stereotype that seniors are against technology and devices. However, a recent study has shown that seniors are becoming more tech savvy. This study also went on to say that seniors are eager to use new devices if they will make their lives easier. If you are a senior or have aging loved one here are some apps and devices that are great for seniors.

To Stay Connected

A simple flip phone or one that is for basic calling or texting. This can be useful if your loved one still drives or for an emergency when the home landline is not working. A tablet on the other hand is great for entertainment purposes. Especially in this day and age when people are staying in more a tablet can be a great way for a senior to pass the time or to communicate with loved ones via facetime or skype.

As mentioned before downloading apps such as facetime, skype, or zoom can also be a great way for seniors to stay connected with their loved ones. These apps feel more personal than a regular phone call because you can see the person you are talking to. This is especially helpful for seniors who are dealing with loneliness.

Health and Wellness

Pill dispensers and medication reminder help seniors remember to take their medications. These devices will alert seniors at the time they need to take their medications and will dispense the exact amount they need to take as well. These devices will even notify caregivers when a dosage is missed.

For senior’s brain health it is good to play games or puzzles that are challenging such as sudoku, word searches or memorization games. There are a wide range of app that you can download on a tablet or smart phone that will both keep them entertained and keep their mind sharp.


For some senior’s home safety becomes an issue as they age. A home monitoring system can be a great option for keeping an eye on your loved one when you cannot be physically with them. These devices include motion detectors that can alert you of a disruption or if your loved one leaves the home. Some of these even include communication features so you can speak to them through an intercom like system while you are both at home.

To add on to this, a personal emergency response system is also great for seniors incase of a fall. These are usually placed around the home or worn by the senior so they can press the button to alert emergency response if they have fallen and are injured or need help getting up.

If your loved one needs one of these devices and are hesitant, walk them through how to use each. You may be surprised how easily they will learn to use these devices and how much it can improve their lives.