Positive Changes to Make for 2018

paper-3042645_960_720.jpgThe 2018 year is both exciting and worrying for most people.  We don’t know what waits for us, but the feeling of not knowing might be the reason there are mixed reviews about the new year.  While we create New Year’s Resolutions to satisfy are desire to improve, we sometimes aren’t sure what direction to take.  I have a couple of suggestions that are worth looking into for 2018


The best way to solve the problem of what you want in life is to try everything.  Trying everything, will help you find that one passion in life that is worth pursuing.  I’d recommend beginning with the most common activities to see what drives others to pursue them.  It could be exercising, education, reading, or trying a new sport.


Why not start a new career? I hear New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight, drinking less, or partying less, but I never see anything about upgrading to a new career.  This could totally be you.  A new career means another adventure, better income, and more possibilities. Health Care and I.T programs are at the top of the most-wanted list for careers.  They are short-term, quick, and the biggest bang for your buck.  There is a low investment and high reward.


This is one of the most important aspects to remember.  The more positive you are the better it is for you in the long run. You see quotes of optimism everywhere online, and the reason why you do is because it’s what inspires people to change for the better.  Regardless, of where you begin your journey, it’s worth noting that you can do better for yourself.  It’s never too late to change your mindset.  A bad day is not worth your time to think, but to learn from it and to improve on what you’ve learned.

The moral of the story for 2018 is to be open minded, strive for better, and more importantly make it better than 2017.  

Happy Holidays Love from the E + S Family

Happy Holidays Love from the E + S Family

Dear supporters,

The holiday season is here.  It’s that special time to spend those precious moments with family, friends, and be appreciative of what you have.

The E + S Family wishes everyone a warm, safe, and wonderful holiday. We thank you for the support and the kindness towards our mission.  For the support, we are grateful.



E + S Family

The Spirit of Giving is a Home Health Aide’s Strength

The Spirit of Giving is a Home Health Aide’s Strength

Caregivers, care attendants, personal care givers, in-home nurses, Certified Home Health Aides…these are the thousands of names these special people are given as their title.  If you were to summarize what they mean in one word, it’s “giving.”  It’s the season of giving and for Home Home Health Aides there is no such thing as a season.  Christmas will come and go, yet a Home Health Aides perseverance will continue for years to come.

Home Health Aides are Important 

Home Health Aides are important.  Caregivers are entrusted to care for our loved ones through their times of difficulty.  Having met Certified Home Health Aides during my time in the education-health care field, I realized that their work often goes unappreciated or undervalued in society.  It’s a sad truth that I decided to share to enlighten the public of their gracious deeds.  Throughout the year, these hard-working employees take care of the elderly and sickly with their utmost attention. The patients they care for are not always the easiest and at times can be almost impossible to deal with.  However, with passion for their work, they continuously fight through the daily struggles to assist family members with the best care possible.

Their Contribution and the Future to Society

Home Health Aides contribute more to society than one might believe.  You can place the statistics aside for a moment and think logically as a patient.  Would you rather receive care in a facility that you do not know or care at a place that you’ve known throughout your life?  Doctors and nurses recommend care-at-home for recovery purposes.  Patients feel more at peace when they are at home being cared for by surroundings they are familiar with.  Logically, psychology has shown vast advantages for those who choose Home Health Aides over Nursing Homes for their family members.  I’ve provided a list of advantages that are prevalent with a Home Health Aide. 

    1. Patients are less stressed
    2. Individual care is personalized for the patient
    3. Home Health Aides are trained and instructed by nurses
    4. Hospitals and medical facilities choose care giving because of its convenience
    5. Patients feel less lonely
    6. Families are less prone to feeling guilt for leaving family members at home alone

The future involved home care especially because Baby Boomers prefer the convenience.  As the generation ages, the value of Home Health Aides will continue to be immeasurable.  It’s vital, as a society, that we continue to show our appreciation towards these heroic people. 

Home Health Aides are Trained and Compassionate 

Home Health Aides compassion cannot be taught. Caregivers are skilled workers commit to their profession.  The biggest misconception I’ve heard is the lack of training Home Health Aides receive.  This is far from the truth or the reality.  I’ve seen the training first-hand.  It’s not easy.  A special type of commitment is needed to go through the classes that they do.  While every state is different, all Home Health Aides are required to endure vigorous training for their profession.  Their hands on training is crucial to the success and the overall care of the patient that they will be responsible.  Home Health Aides are trained, licensed, and skilled professionals.  It’s noted that home care agencies do a fantastic job of  screening candidates before they are allowed to visit a patient’s home. Then, candidates, are interviewed and placed with the appropriate patient to make sure they are a right fit.

It is a dedication that I see needs attention.  The attention we give will improve care for everyone including those 

Home Health Aides are Needed More Than Ever

The shortage of Certified Home Health Aides in the United States is not a myth. It’s a sad reality especially for a job market that requires more caring people to flourish. The field in itself is in desperate need for qualified caregivers who can help the aging population seek comfort in their homes.  These certified workers are the foundation of health care today.  They are on the front lines of the modern health care industry.
The baby boomer generation is aging.  With their aging, comes the responsibility of caring for them and giving them the comfort they deserve.  How can we solve this problem?  There is a valuable solution, and its potential has yet to be tapped into.
What Certified Home Health Aides do on a daily basis for families is an untold story of heroism. They give a sense of compassion that cannot be measured by words.  Their contribution to health care on society is more than enough reason to write why they are needed more than ever.  The more the general population stumbles upon the benefits of home care the more demand there is to supply nothing, but the best for families because it effects all of us.
Home Health Aides bring a sense of independence to households, and the truth is there are many families in the United States unwilling to place their loved ones in a caring facility.  A well trained Certified Home Health Aide can ease the burden of being solely responsible for the gentle care some loved ones need.
Furthermore, this guilt of leaving your loved one in another location can be stressful and for the single reason of wanting nothing, but the best for someone close to you. This is why the home care industry has flourished.  It taps into the basic instincts of caring for your loved ones and treating them with the same care we will one day wish for ourselves.
A home health aide can relieve the stress of guilt during crucial times. What more could we ask for? 

How a Home Health Aide Transformed My Grandmothers Life

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) has become the fastest growing career in the healthcare field. The education requirements are low, so it is easy to qualify for this position. We all know sometimes life gets a hold on us, and some do not get the chance to finish school. Luckily to become a CHHA no high school diploma is required, but it is very useful. Now you maybe asking yourself what is a home health aide? A Certified Home Health Aide is a professional caregiver who provides effective care for patients in their own homes, patients who can not perform daily tasks on their own
My lovely grandmother is 77 years old and is currently suffering from Moderate Alzheimer’s. For those who don’t know what Alzheimer’s is, it is “progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age”. She is at the stage of her Alzheimer’s where she doesn’t know the name of any of her 10 children. She does have her good days where she knows who is who, but for the most part she draws a blank. Because of her diagnosis it is required that she has a Home Health aide with her at all times. My family has heard many stories, of elderly people being mistreated at Homes, so there was no way we will ever put her in a home. With every day that passes my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s progresses and it is not easy to take care of a person who has this condition. There are different cases of Alzheimer’s and it does progress over time. People with moderate Alzheimer’s suffer from forgetfulness of events or about one’s own personal history, feel moody or withdrawn, especially in socially or mentally challenging situations, unable to recall their own address or telephone number or the high school or college from which they graduated, the need for help choosing proper clothing for the season or the occasion, and many more. With that being said we needed someone to attend to my grandmother’s needs as soon as possible. So my wonderful aunt, quit her job took the training needed to become a CHHA so she can take care of my grandmother, her mother.
To become a CHHA, the course takes 3-Weeks to become certified. In these courses, students receive hands-on training, and gain the knowledge and experience on how to deal with patients no matter what condition they are in. E & S Academy is a health care academy dedicated to the education and the success of their students. At E & S Academy, we dedicate ourselves in providing the best for our students, with flexible classes, affordable payment plans, and low cost tuition we make it relatively easy for people to come back to school and make a difference in the life of a person in need, just like my grandmother. Join e & S Academy today and start the journey of a CHHA.