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The Sign of a Good Home Care Agency

Signs of a Good Home Care Agency

The sign of a good home care agency is with its employees. In addition, there are other signs too. As someone looking for a good home care agency, these are signs that it is an agency worth the time.

Signs of a good home care agency

  1. Reliable and Quality
  2. Active on Social Media and its website
  3. Accreditation and approvals
  4. Shares its operations with the public
  5. Employees love caring

Home Health Aide Loves Caring

This is a first-hand experience of our home health aide eager to provide compassionate care to families. She loves what she does.

She loves taking care of older people and senior people. She loves making them laugh. A good home care agency can proudly share its employees/graduates success stories and inspire others.

Our home health care agency is a local agency. Our home health aide agency assists the elderly, seniors, and disable with care. For more information, send us an email at info@eshcs.com or call us today at 888-288-8826.

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How Much Do Home Care Services Cost?

Home Care Services Cost

Home care services is the new affordable method of providing quality care. It is the solution to the growing population.

Furthermore, families transition to home health aide services for its reliability and its convenience.

Similarly, home care is the future of health care. It is an in-demand service. Our home care agency conducted a research team to find what families searched for medical services.

Why Do Families Request Home Care Services?

In general, families were concerned about the cost of medical treatment for their loved one. Families had good intentions. For this reason,

Nationwide in 2018, the average cost for non-medical home care was $20.50 per hour with state averages ranging from $15-$27.50 per hour.

Alzheimer’s care at home is affordable and relatively low at cost. The research team at our facilities gathered the weekly costs of elderly care. As an illustration, what our team found, the national average costs of senior care were broken down into different groups.

  • Home Health Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Nursing Home
  • Nursing Home – Private

The National Average Price Comparison

This is an illustration of the national costs between elderly care options.

Why You Should Choose E & S Home Care Solutions

Consequently, more families choose home care services. It is the right choice to make. For this reason, our home care agency dedicates to families.

We give honest answers to families. As a result, more families choose E & S Home Care Solutions as their home care provider.

If you or a loved one have questions, contact us today at info@eshcs.com or schedule a free consultation today.

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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Health Aide

3 Things to Consider Home Health Aide

For the past several years, home care is the number one job creator in the United States. Health care continues to grow.

The reports show that home care services are in-demand. In the first place, home care provides an option. It gives people the choice to stay at home.

However, when searching for in-home care for yourself or an aging family member, there are three recommendations we give families.

#1. You’re Responsible Unless You Find An Agency

You are responsible for the home health aide. Agencies prevent problems from occurring.

Typical problems include:

  1. Being unable to screen properly
  2. Finding a replacement
  3. Liability problems

Furthermore, there is no peace of mind or liability problems. Agencies give a peace of mind. For instance, if an agency caregiver is accused of stealing, the agency will handle the fallout.

#2. It Takes Time

A busy work schedule is hard to work around. For most adults, their time is limited. Home care agencies do the work for you. In the light of hiring a home health aide, it takes time to screen them. Not to mention, the choices may be limited.

Home health aides prefer working with agencies to prevent problems too.

#3. Research

Of course, research is another element of home care services. Home care agencies research their candidates. At the same time, agencies may train their home health aides to ensure quality services.

Live-in home care services rely on home health caregivers to be checked and certified to handle situations.

There are 3 things you should consider when hiring a home health aide.

These 3 things to consider are the tips we give families.

Our home care in New Jersey can help you find the right home health aide. For questions, call us today at 888-288-8826 or visit us at info@eshcs.com

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3 Home Health Care Jobs You Will Want

Home Care Jobs You Will Want

Healthcare continues to be the largest sector for job growth for 2019. It does not look like it is stopping either. For the next ten years, Healthcare’s dominance is recession free.

In addition, there are more employment opportunities than there are skilled workers.

If you are searching for a career or a job that is quick, easy, and provides excellent benefits, look no further.

3 Home Health Care Jobs You Will Want:

3 Home Health Care Jobs
This a closer look at the 3 home health care jobs you will want.

Certified Home Health Aides

There is a crisis looming through the healthcare field. Furthermore, the problem is that the desire to have home caregivers is high, but the knowledge of how to become a Home Health Aide is lacking.

It is a field that is often underestimated. There are reasons why professional home health aides are needed more than ever.

In the state of New Jersey, home health aides earn a better wage than most retail workers, and in a respectable field.

Registered Nurses

A career is a lifelong commitment. A registered nurse is the hero of the home care industry. Nurses earn an impressive salary of $63,000 to $100,000. In other words, nurses make good money.

It is a profession that never goes out of style.

Medical Office Professionals

In the event that you prefer office work, home care is great. For instance, Medical office administrators perform various clerical support tasks. Medical office professionals understand HIPAA regulations and scheduling.

A Certified Medical Office administrator undergoes a certification program of at least 50-hours. Home health care agencies need medical administrations.

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Rutgers University – Only The Best Nurses for Our Patients

Registered Nurse Jobs

Rutgers University – Newark nurse fair hosted its annual fair. Rutgers is a public school. Furthermore, it is the main nursing school in New Jersey. Rutgers Newark is tied for 16 for Best Nursing Schools.

In addition, Rutgers Nursing School is reputable. E & S Home Care Solutions attends top nursing school fairs. Moreover, it attends top nursing school fairs to hire skilled nurses for our patients.

Our agency met with talented nurses to recruit quality candidates for our patients. Certainly, the nurses demonstrated professionalism and interest in the agency’s positive reputation.

Nurse Employment

In the first place, nurses need employment. E & S Home Care Solutions offers employment to nurses. With this in mind, nurses can apply with us annually.

We give a special thanks to Rutgers University for the trust in our quality. Notably, talented nurses will find careers.

Home Health Care Services

It is only the best nurses for our patients. E & S Home Care Solutions creates personalized care plans. The personalized care plans help clients recover quicker with the aide of a certified home health aide.

In the event that you are interested in our home care services, call us today at 888-288-8826 or schedule a free consultation today.