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Healthy Aging is Possible and Highly Expected

Healthy Aging is Possible and Highly Expected

Healthy Aging is Possible and Highly Expected

The expectations in today’s society for aging are high and with all the modern technologies that there are it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Honestly, I don’t blame the people either.  As younger adults, you never think about aging or the effects it will have on your body.  You had this belief that aging wouldn’t change you emotionally or mentally, and it shouldn’t have to. The quality of life beyond expectations is what most are looking for.

What is Healthy Aging 

We should take a closer look at what healthy aging is.  Healthy aging is defined as how to make the best of the extended quality years. In today’s society, even with chronic diseases like dementia, heart disease, diabetes, and/or cancer, aging is not a disease.  It is a lifelong process that occurs naturally.

For this reason, even if those who are older and have chronic diseases, there are alternatives for them to use to restore their quality of living.  Home care services and care at home technological treatment has given seniors the ability to age comfortably at their home without the unnecessary stress of visiting doctors or hospitals.

The History of Aging and Where It’s Headed

The history of aging has increased in the past one-hundred years.  In the early 1900’s, the life expectancy was 50 years of age.  Throughout the past several decades, the life expectancy has increased to well over 75.  Nevertheless, despite the aging beyond the normal, developed countries like Japan have a high percentage of people living over 100-years of age.

There are more and more 90-year-olds running marathons than before.  Though these reflect strange cases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how normal people age.  This is why technology has been rampant and determined to find resources for the aging to provide them with an easier lifestyle.  The quality of life is expected is higher than ever before especially by 2050.  With millennials being the biggest population, by 2050 more than 2 billion people will be older globally which means aging demographics won’t be as abnormal as everyone predicts.

The aging process is a normal part of most people’s lives.  However, for how long will that continue?  It is unknown currently, but scientists have a theory. that with the rapid introduction of modern science and technology, aging might not be a problem for future generations.

It is predicted that in the next one-hundred years people will live beyond one-hundred years of age.  The societal norm of life expectancy should continue to break through stereotypes and boundaries.

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Home Care is the Help at Home that Seniors Deserve

Home Care is the Help at Home that Seniors Deserve

Home Care is the Help at Home that Seniors Deserve

A number of questions are presented when seniors and their family members encounter a situation where they need to seek out in-home care services.  What I have seen is that most families have no idea where to start.  Their relative is often against the idea of having the additional assistance too.  If given the choice, most seniors prefer to live independently which is great!  I mean everyone has the sense to feel important and valuable to society.

They Are Veterans of Society

In most instances, older patients are retired veterans, incredible professionals, and/or parents who were the head of the household for years.  For them to suddenly give up their independence, it is a difficult thing to do.  It is not easy getting older.  While there are advantages of aging, it can take a toll on those who aren’t ready to give up their freedom yet.  However, they don’t need to give up their freedom.  As a matter of fact, home care services were created for the sole purpose of giving elderly and seniors the opportunity to stay at home and be productive.

Home Care Services and Caregivers

Home care services had broken down the barriers that keep seniors from committing to home care agencies and other support services.  Caregivers are compassionate! They love what they do.  It is not an easy profession to be selfless, yet most Home Health Aides are.

I have seen several times where older grandparents become attached to their Home Health Aides and love the additional companionship they receive.  In addition, most people prefer to live out the rest of their days at home and if they need help, caregivers are sometimes the better option than depending on families.


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Preventive Care is the Most Effective Care for Seniors as They Age

Preventive Care is the Most Effective Care for Seniors as They Age

In this day and age, preventing an injury is the most effective method of caring for seniors despite their resistance to it. The challenges that are faced when people age increases. The challenges can result in health issues or potential problems with physical limitations. In addition to the changes, it can be sometimes difficult for aging people to understand that they need the additional help around the home. However, if these situations aren’t addressed, then it is possible that they could place themselves in a dangerous situation.

Home Care services provide a foundation that families and insurance companies can trust. The preventive check-ups and other healthcare processes help reduce the cost of care. Essentially, those with physical limitations are given additional assistance with their day-to-day living arrangements to ensure that they are well taken care of. Home care support has often been a service that is provided after an injure, but not always before one.

It is crucial to receive care at the right time especially because most injuries are injuries that could have been prevented with the right treatment. Home Care services don’t only provide a peace of mind for after care, yet they relieve the stress for preventive and effective care too.

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Home Health Aide Ready to Provide In-Home Support Care Services

Home Health Aide Ready to Provide In Home Support Care Services

Home Health Aide Ready to Provide In-Home Support Care Services

A smile can tell a story.  This month has been a fantastic month at E & S Home Care Solutions.  We have had several home health aides finish their training with skilled, professional nurses.  After one month of training and hands-on experience with real patients, the graduates are ready to provide in-home support care services. 

Do you feel compassionate towards people?  Do you love seeing them smile?  If you are reading this article, is because you find great pleasure in seeing others succeed.  I do too.  It is one of the reasons I have started to write success stories on a weekly basis. It is awe-inspiring to watch the caregivers see themselves online and become motivated to do more for their communities.  I meet hundreds of students who are on their way to becoming warm-welcoming caregivers.  The first thing they tell me is that they really enjoy what they do.

We motivate our caregivers to be at their best and work hard towards their goals.  When the graduates are asked how they enjoy the experience with us, they always mention how we opened their eyes to the better opportunities that are involved with the home care industry.

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Families are Seeing the Positive Impact of Home Care Services

Families are Seeing the Positive Impact of Home Care Services

Families are Seeing the Positive Impact of Home Care Services

Home is considered a private residence or a place where someone feels comfortable.  It is where they have their beautiful memories. What goes on at home is a priority.  Health care will come to the seniors where they live rather than them being taken to health care.  Providers are well aware of the growing trends.

It is 2019.  Health care has evolved to make receiving care more convenient for families and less expensive too.  With the increase in demand for health care and quality health care, many people are searching for alternatives to ensuring that they receive the care they need.  The families are seeing the positive impact of home care services. This is one of the fastest growing industries today.  Home care agencies are opening daily to keep with the demand for the costs.

The 2018 year marked the banner year for Medicare-certified home health care in the United States.  The big providers noticed a surge of opportunities and needs from their customers.  Families are requesting more personal care lines that include quality services at an affordable price.  Home care agencies are focused on ramping their product/service line to ensure that they can meet higher demand for home care services.

Furthermore, home care agencies have integrated care delivery models that keep people away from the hospitals longer.  Essentially, home care agencies are becoming the all-in-one stop center for health care. They are care delivery models that focus on giving families a better experience.