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Home Care Is Important Everywhere

I am someone that knew nothing about the home care industry. I didn’t anticipate working in it either. I had a passion to help people though. Once I stumbled upon the home care industry by accident, I learned more about how it can help people. I traveled the state of New Jersey attending college and career fairs. People are stunned by how involved the home care industry is.

Home care is important everywhere. It provides care to families in need. Additionally, it gives the employment economy a big boost. Nurses can work at more locations than hospitals. It’s like a hub of good things. Nevertheless, the education about home care is limited. While it is a growing field, not many people know how great it is.

As I travel New Jersey, I meet new nurses. They are inspired by the idea of helping others. Their reactions are funny too. Saint Peters University is known for their excellent nursing program. There was one eager girl who approached my table. She looked both nervous and excited. She heard about E & S Home Care Solutions from the reputation.

“I came straight to your table hoping I could use my experience as a nurse. Wow!

“I came straight to your table hoping I could use my experience as a nurse. Wow! I had no idea I could do so much with a nursing degree. Please let me know if you have any positions available!” Stephanie said anxiously. She was both pleased and eager to learn the opportunities that the home care sector had for her.

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Technology Could Make People With Dementia Happier

Technology Can Help Improve the Mood of Those With Dementia

Technology is a part of our lives. It has a bad reputation. The moment you clicked on this article you were probably expecting it to be all bad! There are positive aspects to what we consider a terrible intrusion in our lives. Furthermore, its damages to health are considerable.

In the news, it is blamed for the loneliness epidemic. It has caused problems with distraction. Our common conversations are interrupted by cell phone usage. However, what if I were to tell you that technology has a benefit? What if technology could be used in the right way? There are positives to technology usage especially for dementia patients.

Without a doubt, you might be asking how can technology improve the mood of people with dementia. Despite its flaws, technology offers an outlet for seniors. It can distract them from their current state. For anyone who has cared for a senior with dementia, negative moods like confusion, anger, and sadness are common.

What Research Says

In recent research studies, YouTube was associated with positive moods. According to a mobile company, screen time spent looking at photos, listening to music, or watching videos on YouTube can improve moods drastically. Researchers see this as an alternative to medication. The vast majority of people benefit from tablet sessions.

Aaron Gilson is a health policy researcher with the UW School of Pharmacy who comments on technology usage for patients with dementia. Patients who live in nursing homes and home care are encouraged to use tablets. This is because eighty percent of the care recipients showed significant improvement to their negative mood. Patients can view family photos, playing their favorite music, and following topics they are interested in. Coincidentally, it’s not secret that more people are discovering the wonders of technology for their loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Technology used correctly can enrich someone’s life. It brings families together closer. Dementia patients use visuals like photos and videos to distract themselves from their debilitating disease. Additionally, it engages their brain with positive associations. Patients with dementia enjoy a significant mood boost.

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3 Easy Meals For Seniors and Loved Ones that are Healthy Too

3 Healthy Meals for Seniors

It is normal to feel concern for a senior or a loved one. You want to make sure that they are eating the right nutrition. I know that I have a difficult time shopping for myself. I can’t imagine doing it for one of my loved ones. Nevertheless, eating healthy meals is incredibly important for the elderly. Nutritionists suggest that meals for nursing home residents or geriatric patients should be consulted with a doctor. The doctor will provide meal restrictions and recommendations.

Depending on the time of day, meal prep is essential. You might not have the time. It is totally understandable. Thankfully, there are companies out there that offer services to deliver meals to your home. Normally, you can request the type of meals that you’d prefer for your loved ones. There are some companies like Meals on Wheels or Munchery that deliver fresh and healthy meals that are already cooked.

3 Easy Meals for Seniors that are Healthy Too

  1. Oatmeal and Berries
  2. Hard Boiled Eggs
  3. Salmon Wrap
3 Easy Meals For Seniors

The daily serving recommendations for seniors is 65 grams of protein per day. It is important that, with every meal, seniors are given protein especially at the start of breakfast. There are some foods like nuts and sees that may be difficult for seniors to digest.

In between meals, seniors should incorporate nutritional snacks like swiss cheese or guacamole. Additionally, seniors should stay well hydrated by taking small sips of water throughout the day. Hydration and nutrition are a must for seniors to stay healthy and safe.

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Director of Nursing and Home Health Aide Celebrate Success

Director of Nursing and Home Health Aide Stand Side by Side

What an amazing day yesterday. Days like this happen daily at E & S Home Care Solutions. A medical team share love, patience, and understanding. They work together to make the lives of others a little bit better every day.

A priceless moment was shared between the director of nursing as they stood side by side with one of the many home health aides that completed their training yesterday.

Their smiles are the sunshine to countless families.

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4 Strategies to Help Someone Who Refuses Home Care

Four Strategies to Help Someone Who Refuses Home Care

October is around the corner which means holiday seasons are too. As seasons become more hectic, more families search for help to assist in providing home care to their loved ones. You may have a father or a mother who refuse to the assistance. It could be your significant other who doesn’t want assistance with their daily cleansing.

If this sounds familiar, there is nothing worse than having a family member who refuses caregivers. It’s one of the few difficulties families face especially when it is time to get the additional help. For instance, a senior in the early stages of cognitive impairment may be the most difficult to deal with. Their emotions could be more than what you can handle. It’s normal for them to react this way though.

These are four tips that can help you find a solution or break to find care for someone who doesn’t see its appeal at first glance. We know it’s not easy finding the right care for your loved one. It could be far worse if they refuse help altogether. Nevertheless, these are four strategies we suggest families utilize to get their loved one more comfortable with the idea.

Four Strategies to Use:

  1. Be Patient
  2. Make Their Problems Priority
  3. Take it slowly
  4. Offer choices

The four strategies revolve around the patient. It is about them. Their lives are about to change. It is not always an easy transition. However, with patience, love, and commitment, many of them eventually come around.