3 Ways to Improve Blood Pressure [Video]

3 Ways to Improve Blood Pressure

We hear High Blood Pressure frequently. It’s a common term used by doctors. However, sometimes patients may not understand the complexity of what high blood pressure is and why it’s important to monitor it. Once we hear it from the doctor, it may feel like the world is closing in. Fortunately, there are a number of methods patients today can use to combat High Blood Pressure and improve their health overall.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

According to the research, over 31 million people diagnosed with high blood pressure or hyper tension. High Blood Pressure is a common condition which causes long-term force against your artery walls. Normally, according to Jill Magioncalda who has more than 20-years of experience in medical practice, that your blood pressure is above the normal range.

The normal range of blood pressure is between 130 to 139 diastolic. However, anything higher or lower than the range can cause a concern. A medical doctor may recommend taking medication to assist in lowering blood pressure.

Three Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

If you want to avoid taking medication, natural remedies and precautions can be taken to help your blood pressure return to a normal level. Our leading expert gives an insight on how you can improve your high blood pressure. Jill Magioncalda recommends the following home remedies for managing your high blood pressure.


It may be one of the most dreadful words for some. However, exercise has a number of benefits including lowering high blood pressure. Fortunately, exercise does not have to be rigorous to be effective.

A simple walk of 20-minutes per day can help reduce your high blood pressure by a few points. Doctors recommend including exercise into a daily routine to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Dash Diet

The dash diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The Dash diet is a lifelong approach. It’s designed to help or treat high blood pressure. Normally, the diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy foods.

For those eager to have meat in their diet, fish is a good alternative. Seafood is a nice source of fats and protein. Also, fish, poultry, and nuts are a great source of protein and nutrients.

Furthermore, a dash diet can decrease the amount of sodium in your diet. Following a dash diet, will allow you to reduce your blood pressure by a few points and meet the health needs that your doctor recommends.

Avoid Salt

The Dash Diet is aimed at reducing sodium intake in your diet. Salt, while important in moderation, can cause health problems if taken frequently especially if a patient is already diagnosed with high blood pressure. It’s a healthy way of eating and offers health benefits besides lowering blood pressure.

In addition to lowering blood pressure, decreasing salt intake can lower your chances of being diagnosed with cancer, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis,

You Must Remember “I Cannot Fall.” How to Prevent Falls and Accidents.

How to Prevent Falls
How to Prevent Falls at Home

It’s a new year and an opportunity to be a new you. For 2020, our Director of Nursing wanted to provide advice on how to prevent falls. The most important thing to remember is “to not fall.” As simple as this advice is, it is crucial for many seniors to follow.

A fall can create a serious injury which sometimes lead to fractures or death for seniors. Furthermore, with proper instructions, these falling incidents can be prevented.

Sadly, falls can create complications. When someone is ready to stand up, it’s vital that they utilize their supportive devices like a walking device or a cane. These devices can assist someone to stand or rise to their feet. Once an individual stands on their feet

8 Important Points to Remember When Avoiding Falling

  1. Stand up slowly and when you’re ready
  2. Dangle your feet and check your barrings
  3. Check in with yourself if you are ready to step out of bed
  4. Use a cane or a device if necessary
  5. Check that these devices are close by to you
  6. Don’t go out on rainy or snowy days
  7. Be wary of your walking path to avoid obstacles or obstructions
  8. Remind yourself not to fall

When you get up in the morning, “you cannot fall.” This small phrase can make the difference in the world.

Sometimes The Best Care is at Home

sometimes the best care is at home

There are times where we need the extra care that we can’t get at a hospital or a medical facility. I come across families who need help. They are genuine good people who don’t know where to start. As living facilities become more crowded and less staffed, newer families embrace the convenience of home care services.

The Best Care is at Home

Psychologically, the home is where the heart is. For most of us, home represents comfort and safety. It’s cliche, but the truth. What I’ve learned is that sometimes the best care is at home. My aunt, who is currently dealing with dementia and memory loss, has home care services. It’s been the best treatment for her.

Hospitals Recommend Home to Rest

Have you been on vacation and felt homesick? It turns out that people at hospitals can face loneliness. Doctors started to notice that after discharging patients, those same patients, returned after a few weeks. There is a good reason for it. For one, many families simply don’t know how to provide the right care for their loved ones especially if they are consumed by daily responsibilities.

A discharged patient requires attentive care. After being discharged, doctors recommend resting at home. At home, people tend to rest better.

Families are at Home

Who doesn’t want to spend time with the family? In addition to feeling compassion, studies show that there are important benefits to spending time with family. These benefits include greater happiness and conflict resolution. As we get older, our priorities shift.

Families provide the right amount of love and affection during difficult times.

Home Health Aides Help Families

Home health aides help families. They are a support to families that need the help at home. Coincidentally, I’ve met families that consider their home care givers as a part of their family. Home care agencies are providers. They are the middle man in ensuring that everything it taken care of. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful relationship that caters to health, love, and happiness.

Home care agencies are the future of health care. As aging baby boomers and the silent generation are getting older, they require compassionate people to help them feel comfortable.

2020 Here We Come. We Wish Everyone a Happy New Year.

New Year 2020

It’s the end of a decade, but the start of a new one! Yearly, there are changes in our lives whether good or bad. Nevertheless, what continues to be constant is that time moves forward. You should enjoy every year that you spend on this planet and always strive for better.

It’s incredible how ten years go by as fast as they do. At E & S Home Care Solutions, we wish our customers a fantastic new year. While the future is uncertain, we know that our home care services will be around to assist those in need for years to come.

We hope your lives are filled with happiness, celebration, and joy!

The Power of Home Care Services

It is one of the newer industries in the United States. For centuries, people visited doctors for medical treatment and care. There were moments where doctors paid visits to patients at the comfort of their homes.

However, due to the increase in demand for medical services, there needed to be a way for people to receive care at the comfort of their home and at an affordable price too. As more people were concerned about the cost, nurses became popular during the first World War because of their knowledge and ability to care for patients by following a plan-of-care.

Home Care Services Give Patients the Power of Recovery

Home care services give patients the power of recovery. Nevertheless, the power of home care services is more than you can imagine. It was ten years ago that patients were required to stay at a hospital. They couldn’t be at home with the risk of relapsing or needing to return to the hospital for additional treatment.

It was because of the high risk that home health aides became popular. Doctors began to notice the same patients return to the hospital because they failed to follow the proper plan-of-care. Since there is an increased demand for health care, hospitals were unable to accommodate everyone as they needed.

Home Care Services Give Patients the Power of Freedom

The biggest concern with families who have aging loved ones is for their loved one’s independence and freedom. While it is totally okay to utilize a nursing facility to provide loved ones with proper care, most families feel guilty for doing this. They see it as a form of neglect especially if it is a parent.

Definitely, it is not neglect. However, home care services give families a voice. It is a choice. They don’t need to feel guilty for leaving a loved one at home with someone who can look after them. At the same time, their parents or loved ones can continue to experience the freedom that comes with being independent.

Home Care Services Give the Power of Versatility

This is probably one of the most important elements of home care. Home care services give the power of versatility. Conversely, home health aides are in demand. Home Health Aides are available around-the-clock for patients who need additional treatment. Home care agencies are specialized in offering alternate measures to meet the needs of the patients.

It’s normal for home care agencies to handle cases that involve abuse, Alzheimers, dementia, cancer, or disabilities. I see home care agencies as a medical guru for communities. The good home care agencies, not only follow a care-of-plan, but they ensure that the patients are comfortable and are given the comfort they deserve.

Your Power to Choose the Right Home Care Agency

The choice is vast, but the best ones are home care agencies that are constantly up-to-date with their customers. Home care agencies are accredited and approved. In most states, they receive annual inspections. Finally, you have the right to choose the right home care agency for you. The market is filled with home care agencies that are ready and willing to care for you!