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Home Health Aides are Considered Irreplaceable for the Economy and Healthcare

Home Health Aides Considered Irreplaceable for the Economy and Healthcare

A buzz is going around in the healthcare field for 2018.  Government entities are working towards pushing for higher salaries for Home Health Aides.  What is the real reason that there is an effort to assist compassionate Home Health Aides?  There are several contributions that Home Health Aides make which are unseen by the public. Home Health Aides are considered irreplaceable for the economy and healthcare.  However, if you met families, who rely on Home Health Aides and home care agencies, they will explain to you that their Home Health Aide is a crucial addition to their daily life.

I will give you ten reasons why Home Health Aides are irreplaceable. 

  1. Home Health Aides are an intricate part of the economy supplying employment
  2. Home Health Aides are skilled healthcare training professionals that provide care at home
  3. Baby boomers are demanding comfortable, affordable care at home
  4. Doctors and healthcare professionals are prescribing home care versus keeping patients at home
  5. Discharge patients can receive planned care after they leave the hospital
  6. Families prefer to have their loved ones at home
  7. Home Health Aides are trained to handle most situations
  8. Top home care agencies offer 24/7 care to provide a peace of mind
  9. Home Health Aides provide compassionate care services and companionship
  10. Nursing homes are pricey in comparison

The reasons are endless and these ten are only the beginning.  It is no wonder government entities are battling to give Home Health Aides more recognition.  Their work goes unnoticed.  Fortunately, there are agencies who do their best to ensure their Home Health Aides are well taken care of.  When searching for care services online, look for agencies that train their Home Health Aides.  In most cases, those Home Health Aides are well-trained and cared for by the organization.

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Economic Boom Means Good News for Certified Home Health Aides and Families

Economic Boom Means Good News for Certified Home Health Aides and Families




The importance of Certified Home Health Aides is an understatement.  Baby boomers are one of the largest populations in the United States who are aging and in need of care.  In addition, due to the quality of care someone can receive from home, the need for Certified Home Health Aides has never been higher.  Certified Home Health Aides are one of the largest occupational groups with an estimate of five million workers.  Furthermore, by 2026, this number will continue to rise.

Why the Sudden Change

For several years, nurse aides, Certified Home Health Aides, and caregivers have a high-turnover rate because of the pay.  However, the shift in the economy could improve salaries and opportunities for Certified Home Health Aides throughout the United States.  The turnover rate is due to the low wages provided to healthcare workers.  The government is beginning to understand the value the healthcare occupation has on the economy.   With desperate need for healthcare workers, healthcare professionals have demanded an increase.  It is only a matter of time before it will become a priority.

Care is Priceless and Valuable 


Care is priceless and valuable.  According to Americans, the top issue in America is healthcare.  Healthcare and employment are the two top concerns for Americans.  Home Health Aide positions provide a boost to the economy while at the same time being valuable to the common American family household where health is a top priority.  Families want to ensure their loved ones are safe, secure, and given exactly what they need after retirement. 


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Home Care is the Preferred Care of Choice

Home Care is the Preferred Care of Choice

Home care is the preferred care of choice for families and healthcare professionals.  It’s predicted that by 2025 there will be a shortage of Home Health Aides.  The reason there is a need for home care is that of the health benefits associated with the home care.  For one, elderly, seniors, or individuals in need of care, can rest at home.  There are psychological benefits and emotional benefits of receiving care at home.

Care at Home Feels Comfortable

It is a comfortable feeling to know that you are in the comfort of your home.  Home Health Aides and Nurses travel to your home to ensure that your treatment plan is being followed accordingly.  The familiarity of your home, surrounded by family, brings comfort to those in care.  They don’t feel trapped by their surroundings either.  Researchers find that seventy-percent of patients prefer home care over nursing homes.

Care at Home is Convenient

Hospitals are recommending home care because it’s convenient and cost-effective. Doctors associate home care as the best course of action after a serious injury, discharge, or other medical conditions which require resting at home with little to no stress.  Home care agencies are responsible for providing well-trained professionals to ensure medical safety and practice towards clients.

It’s a number one option for care, and you should consider it for a loved one in need.


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You’ll Always have Employment as a Certified Home Health Aide

You’ll Always have Employment as a Certified Home Health Aide

Are you tired of moving from job to job?  Do you want more steady work in a field that is steadily rising?  Do you need a part-time position while going to school?  As a Certified Home Health Aide, you have the option of picking and choosing your hours.  Additionally, you will never need to worry about work.

Best Kept Secret

It is one of the best-kept secrets of the modern age.  You have more options than before to find a career.  Certified Home Health Aide is considered one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.  Furthermore, it is highly valued in society.  You will be assisting those in need with compassionate care.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping others in time in need.  Additionally, the flexibility and the pay are a good deal especially if you are a student going to college full-time.

How to Find Employment

The At E + S Home Care Solutions, we have ongoing cases.  If you are not certified, we provide 3-week classes that can provide with employment once you finish the course.  You can call our agency today at 888-288-8826 for more information on how to get employed as soon as possible.


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Keeping Quality Care Simple

Keeping Quality Care Simple

The best part about home care is that quality care is simple.  Home care agencies, like ours, focus on you.  The reason many households are switching to home care services is that it brings a peace of mind to the home for loved ones who need the extra attention.  It’s the special attention to detail that makes home care services the number one source of care.

You won’t need to worry about hiring, recruiting, safety, or quality.  Our home care agency takes care of the hard work for you.  The only thing your family needs to worry about is spending more precious time doing the hobbies you love.