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Aging at Home is Preferred

Aging at Home is Preferred

Home is a place you spend most of your time in. It is where you create long-lasting family memories.  It is where you grow your organic vegetables. Why would you want to spend time anywhere else?  Similarly, according to recent studies, most families spend about 15-20 years at home.  The aging population prefers to stay at home where their surroundings are familiar.   It helps improve their health psychologically and physically.

Home Health Aides are the reason more and more people are able to stay at home.  Awesome right?  If it were up to me, I’d make Home Health Aides the primary source of care.  I don’t see the benefit of being cared for at the hospital or at a nursing home.  There is nothing better than receiving care at home.  You can spend time with family.  You can feel secure that you’ll have a helping hand at home.  When you have a Home Health Aide around, it is like having a helping hand.  The only difference is…you get to have someone to help you with anything you need.

I’d take advantage of the home care services that are quickly becoming the “thing.”  I don’t see why not. 




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Hiring Nurses, Case Coordinators, Human Resources, Marketing, and More

Hiring Nurses, Case Coordinators, Human Resources, Marketing, and More


Hiring (1)

E & S Home Care Solutions is hiring for multiple positions. As a fast-growing company, we are an excellent option for potential candidates who want to pursue a successful career.  We offer enriched internship opportunities that have landed our graduates jobs at Google and Amazon.

Open Positions: 

  • Human Resources Internship
  • Marketing Specialist Internship
  • Case Coordinators
  • Director of Nursing
  • Field Nurses
  • Certified Home Health Aides

To apply with us, please send an email at info@eshcs.com. 

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Home Health Aides are Home Nurses

Home Health Aides are Home Nurses

This is a fun history lesson.  Did you know that home medical care was often referred to home care?  Home Health Aides were often referred to home nurses because of the treatment they provided at home. There was no distinction between Registered Nurses and Home Nurses until the early 1970s.  Home Nurses or caregivers are the largest segments of care assistants who provide hour visits and short-term nursing services. 


What Do They Do?

Home health services help adults, seniors, and pediatric clients who need to recover at home after a hospital or facility visit.  The primary reason home care is on the rise is that of its increase in demand in society.  Home Health Aides are considered an important and valuable asset to modern health.  In a sense, they are similar to nurses because they are required to attain professional training before they can be permitted to care for patients.  A nurse must undergo clinical hours as a Home Health Aide or a Nurse Aide before they can be accepted into a nursing school.  Essentially, home care attendants are the introduction to nursing.

What This Means for You?

This is a good question.  The concern with Home Health Aides or Caregivers is that they don’t have the training necessary to handle certain situations.  This is not the case.  Since Home Health Aides are considered Home Nurses, it means they are required to undergo training and examinations before they are allowed to care for patients.  What this means is that home care is reliable.  If you are searching for reliable means of care, home nurses are exactly what you need.  

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Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

You can be the reason teddy can stay home today.  It is proven that Home Care services are at the top of necessities from Baby Boomers and older generations.  They want to stay at home because home care improves functionality, independence, and psychological needs that a patient needs during the time of recovery.  There is no reason to receive care at a hospital where it can be depressing and most often expensive!

How to Apply

Teddy can stay home by having qualified Home Health Aides to care for his family members.  If you want to apply for our Certified Home Health Aide position, you can contact our team at 888-288-8826 or fill out an online application. 

Reasons to Apply

  • Excellent working conditions
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Ongoing cases
  • Training advancements
  • Supportive team
  • Reputable organization
  • Growing company

You can make a difference today.  We want you to join our team and together we can improve the world day by day.

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Home Care for You

Home Care for You


people-527647_960_720.jpgI know what you might be thinking.  How can home care be for you?  How can home care be for me?  Why am I reading this right now?  I will give you a moment to process it, and then tell you why.  Home care is relatable to millions of family households.  Eventually, home care will be the future of how hospitals and healthcare facilities treat their patients.

Science and Economics Are Important 

Scientifically, it makes more sense to treat people at home than at a facility.  Economically, it is cost effective. Doctors recommend patients to have care at home because the familiar surroundings can help them recover quicker.  There are millions of dollars spent on home care improvements yearly because of the proven benefits.  In addition, baby boomers have set the trend of what health care should be.  Patients desire to be at home and live independently.  Home care is in-demand.  I don’t blame them.

How is Home Care For Me?

You may not have any health risks or problems with your capability to live independently, but you may know someone who could use an extra hand.  Have you wondered what is the right care for you? Is there a better way to care for my loved ones while I am at work?  There definitely is!  You can find out more information about home care by calling 888-288-8826 today.