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Home Care for You

Home Care for You

Home Care for You


people-527647_960_720.jpgI know what you might be thinking.  How can home care be for you?  How can home care be for me?  Why am I reading this right now?  I will give you a moment to process it, and then tell you why.  Home care is relatable to millions of family households.  Eventually, home care will be the future of how hospitals and healthcare facilities treat their patients.

Science and Economics Are Important 

Scientifically, it makes more sense to treat people at home than at a facility.  Economically, it is cost effective. Doctors recommend patients to have care at home because the familiar surroundings can help them recover quicker.  There are millions of dollars spent on home care improvements yearly because of the proven benefits.  In addition, baby boomers have set the trend of what health care should be.  Patients desire to be at home and live independently.  Home care is in-demand.  I don’t blame them.

How is Home Care For Me?

You may not have any health risks or problems with your capability to live independently, but you may know someone who could use an extra hand.  Have you wondered what is the right care for you? Is there a better way to care for my loved ones while I am at work?  There definitely is!  You can find out more information about home care by calling 888-288-8826 today.




Hiring for Home Care Assistance

E & S Home Care Solutions is Hiring for Home Care Assistance

Hiring for Home Care Assistance

E & S Home Care Solutions is hiring for everything involving Home Care Assistance.  If you are a compassionate person and you are interested in becoming part of a fast-growing company, please apply with us today.  

Hiring positions: 

Salary depends on the position.  Salaries can range from $9.50 to $35.00/hr.

Benefits of working with E & S Home Care Solutions: 

  • Promotion possibilities within the company
  • Training availability
  • Positive environment
  • Fast-growing company
  • Recession free industry

You can submit a resume to info@eshcs.com with the subject header of the position you are interested in applying for.

This is Why Millennials Should Pay Attention to Home Care

This is Why Millennials Should Pay Attention to Home Care

This is Why Millennials Should Pay Attention to Home Care

Who are millennials?  Millennials are the generation born between 1981 to 1995 born to the incredible baby boomers.  Baby boomers were once the most dominant population in the world, but that title has been taken by the Millennials who are said to be the majority of the workforce by 2025 as more baby boomers reach the age of retirement.  While Millennials are often seen as lazy or entitled, I can tell you that there are many millennials who recognize the importance and value their loved ones have in their lives. We try to capture every precious moment with our smartphones. I know I do.


Why Home Care?

Time passes by and sometimes we forget that our formidable parents are aging.  I am a millennial, and I have to tell you that I never started thinking about home care until I hit the age of thirty when I realized that my parents may need help around the house.  I was worried about their safety and their well-being.  I know I am not the only one.  Your time is important, yet your family is too!  As a full-time employee, there are times where I will work forty plus hours a week.

Millennials Work Hard 

It is true!  I know there are some bad apples!  Despite the contrary believe, Millennials work hard.  They are classified as one of the hardest, working generations.  The main reason is that they rarely leave work at home.  With the instant access to email and office work, it is not uncommon to see a Millennial work after hours.  It is not because they are selfish with their time, but sometimes the most valuable of priorities in our life can take a back seat.  We should never let our parents take a back seat.


Home Care Is Affordable and a Safe Option on a Budget

Since we grew up during the recession, we understand the need to save and spend money wisely.  Home care is an affordable option.  It is more affordable than a nursing home, and it is better quality too.  Furthermore, in most instances, you will not need to leave the comfort of your home to schedule an appointment.  The best home care agencies provide free consultations where an expert comes to your home and provides you with additional information. Home care agencies can send a caregiver within 24-hours of requesting services.   It is a safe option if you are on a budget.

Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

There are news articles that state that there is a shortage of caregivers!  Our organization would be the first to admit that we have had articles discussing the crises about Certified Home Health Aides.  Fortunately, our home care agency has built strong, lasting relationships throughout its short existence with compassionate, strong-willed caregivers who are fantastic.

Excellent Reputation

However, what we do differently is we have an excellent reputation with our Certified Home Health Aides.  We begin by training them in our facilities.  We care for them and provide them with advancing employment opportunities

How they receive training: 

  • 76-hour classroom training at our facility
  • Hands-on training
  • Registered Nurses have years of experience
  • Our Home Health Aides love the experience they have at our school
  • E & S Academy is our number one training provider

What We Can Do For You

Honestly, we have plenty of caregivers at our agency.  If you need someone to care for your mother, father, grandparent, child, or loved one, we have what you need.  Our high ratings and personalized care are there for a reason.  You can contact us today for additional information at 888-288-8826.

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day - E & S Home Care Solutions

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day


It is time to celebrate your sister.  August 5th marks National Hug Your Sister Day!

Why We Love Them

Sisters, whether young or old, are known for always thinking about everyone around them.  They provide a moral support like no other. Do you have a sister who you love?  This is a written appreciation to the sisters throughout the world who have made our lives brighter.  Before you go to sleep today

A Special Thanks

We thank the sisters for their warmth, their bright smiles, and their support to the people around them.