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Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

Caregivers Are Available and Honestly We Have Plenty of Them

There are news articles that state that there is a shortage of caregivers!  Our organization would be the first to admit that we have had articles discussing the crises about Certified Home Health Aides.  Fortunately, our home care agency has built strong, lasting relationships throughout its short existence with compassionate, strong-willed caregivers who are fantastic.

Excellent Reputation

However, what we do differently is we have an excellent reputation with our Certified Home Health Aides.  We begin by training them in our facilities.  We care for them and provide them with advancing employment opportunities

How they receive training: 

  • 76-hour classroom training at our facility
  • Hands-on training
  • Registered Nurses have years of experience
  • Our Home Health Aides love the experience they have at our school
  • E & S Academy is our number one training provider

What We Can Do For You

Honestly, we have plenty of caregivers at our agency.  If you need someone to care for your mother, father, grandparent, child, or loved one, we have what you need.  Our high ratings and personalized care are there for a reason.  You can contact us today for additional information at 888-288-8826.

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day - E & S Home Care Solutions

Happy National Hug Your Sister Day


It is time to celebrate your sister.  August 5th marks National Hug Your Sister Day!

Why We Love Them

Sisters, whether young or old, are known for always thinking about everyone around them.  They provide a moral support like no other. Do you have a sister who you love?  This is a written appreciation to the sisters throughout the world who have made our lives brighter.  Before you go to sleep today

A Special Thanks

We thank the sisters for their warmth, their bright smiles, and their support to the people around them.

Am I Too Old?

Am I Too Old?

Am I Too Old?

Am I too old?  This is a frequent question that we ask ourselves on a daily basis.  As we age, we begin to question whether our life pursuits are too far out of our reach.  Society tells us that there is a limit to what we accomplish and usually it should be done in our youth.

If you are asking yourself these questions, then what I am saying is definitely true!

  1. Am I too old for marriage?
  2. Am I too old to start a business?
  3. Am I too old for love?
  4. Am I too old to become a nurse?
  5. Am I too old for law school?
  6. Am I too old for my job?
  7. How old is too old?


Merle and Stella

What a beautiful story!

Posted by Power of Positivity on Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The Answer is No 

The answer to your questions is no.  You are not too old.  You may have limitations that prevent you from accomplishing your goal quickly, but there is always a way to get as close as to your goal as possible.  Our brains are designed to find solutions to our problems.  The problems we create sometimes are from irrational fears.

Remember Everyone has a Journey

When we enter this world,  If the time has taught us anything, is that everyone has a journey in life.  We live our lives with predetermined notions that we need to be somewhere at a certain age.  The truth is we need to not compare ourselves to other people and be satisfied with where we are in life.

Three examples:  

  1. Harry Bernstein wrote his first book at age 93
  2. Peter Mark Roget printed the first Thesaurus at age 73
  3. Kathryn Joosten won her first Emmy at 66

You Don’t Need to Be Alone 

This goes back to the limitations problem.  There is help out there for you.  The best goals that are achieved are goals that are supported by others.  When you have support, there is nothing better than that.  

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions Helping the Communities in New Jersey

The world is filled with good people and organizations willing to give back to the communities that sustain their existence. Giving back to the communities, is what Bridgeway and E & S Home Care Solutions do on a daily basis.  Bridgeway provides life-changing results that serve individuals throughout the state of New Jersey.  In addition to employment and educational services, Bridgeway assists with primary care.


Healthy People Improves Everything

E & S Home Care Solutions networks with thousands of medical facilities daily and is associated with companies to ensure that proper care is provided to people who need them.  We work as a team because health care is important to societies.  Healthy people equals better education, services, and quality of life. We believe in not turning away those in need of care and similarly we aide in communities.

Why We Care 

Our centers care because they were founded on principles and morals.  The reason we care is that we are a family-owned business based on principles of respect. Our staff understands family values.

A Special Thank You 

E & S Home Care Solutions extends a special thank you to Bridgeway for their hospitality and contributions to the communities they serve.

Home Care Done Right

Home Care Done Right 

At E & S Home Care Solutions, we are a family dedicated to providing your family with the care they need.  This is not a promise, but it is a guarantee that you will have the right caregiver to assist your loved one with their daily needs. We constantly improve our services too.

In addition, we accept most health care insurance providers and our rates are affordable too.  There is nothing better than receiving a free consultation where you know you will be able to walk away if it is not for you.  You should go ahead and schedule your free consultation today by calling 888-288-8826.  We will be happy to assist you!