Signs Your Aging Loved One Needs Help

There are many difficulties that come with growing older, and sometimes it is hard to determine when the struggles have become so severe that your loved one needs help. It is important to keep an eye out for signs that indicate you may need to seek a home care or professional help for your aging loved one.

Being More Forgetful

Everyone forgets things sometimes, and it can be difficult to remember minor details of what happened throughout your day or week. However, if you have an older loved one who is starting to forget more major information, and having these gaps in memory more frequently, you may need to find them help.

Increase in Injuries

If your loved one is starting to injure themselves significantly more and is getting more and more unexplained bruises or cuts, this is a clear indication that they need professional help. As much as we don’t like to admit it, if our aging family or friends are hurting themselves much more often, we can’t handle them as well as we used to and need to consider putting them in a home care and finding expert aide.

Physical Changes

You might notice that an older loved one now has noticeable weight loss or hasn’t been being as hygienic as before; this can reveal several potential health issues that will require them to seek medical help or be placed in a home care center.

Signs of Depression

It is crucial to pay attention to your loved ones’ mental health, especially as they are getting older. If someone you know is getting older and appears to be more sad, this can be from something like coping with retirement, or from a more serious health problem. Regardless of why your loved one is showing signs of depression, you want to get them help immediately if you notice this change in their behavior.

No one likes watching those they care about age and require help, but if you feel like you or a loved one needs help, go to E&S Homecare Solutions and look at our free consultation page.

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