Bad Qualities To Look For And Avoid In A Home Health Aide

The role of a home health aide is an important one. Home health aides are responsible for the care and safety of aged loved ones or loved ones suffering from a disability. So, when families select a home health aide, they want to trust that they are making the right decision. However, sometimes first impressions can be misleading, and families end up feeling unhappy with their choice. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious to see the qualities that conclude that the home health aide you have is actually a bad one.

Learn the three qualities of a poor-performing home health aide that might let you know that you’ve found a terrible match.

1. Unreliable Home Health Aides.

One of the main reasons families choose to rely on caregiving services for their loved ones is that, sadly, they don’t have the time to care for them themselves. They love this member of the family and want nothing but the best for them. Still, the reality of the situation is that the demands of their personal lives prevent them from caring for their loved ones and remain a provider for the rest of their family. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable home health aide who families can trust to arrive on time. 

If you have a home health aide that is frequently late or not punctual, then that’s a bad quality to consider in a home health aide.

2. Quality of care is inconsistent.

You want to have a home health aide that you can trust to provide consistent care to your loved one. You do not want a home health aide that performs all the necessary duties to keep your loved one feeling safe and well taken care of on some days and slacks off on other days. 

Suppose you have a home health aide that is inconsistent in their quality of care and cannot be trusted to care for your loved ones at all times properly. In that case, you have an untrustworthy home health aide, which is a bad quality to look out for. 

3. Home Health Aide lacks focus.

When you are home and able to monitor your home health aide and their performance, take notice of how frequently they’re on their phones. Having a home health aide that lacks focus and is completely reliant on their electronic devices is a bad quality to look out for. You want a home health aide that will devote their attention to taking care of your loved one and not be distracted by their cell phones. 

To avoid having these concerns, select home health aides from a reliable and trusted home care agency. For instance, E&S Home Care Solutions is a well-respected and trusted home care agency that provides well-trained home health aide professionals. We only hire the best so that we can provide our customers the best care. With us, customers don’t have to worry about accidentally hiring an unreliable and inconsistent home health aide. Also, even let’s say a family, for whatever reason, is unhappy with their home health aide, then E&S Home Care Solutions will work side-by-side with families to help them find the right match for them. 

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