Supporting Your Loved Ones When They’re Stressed

When dealing with work, financial responsibilities, and family, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. No one likes to see those they care about in a stressful place, but there are some things you can do to support your loved ones when they are in distress.


Though you might want to take action to help your family and friends when they’re stressed, sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen and let them release their stress through talking. When listening, give them your full attention and be empathetic, making sure they know you’re there for them.

Validate Their Feelings

If someone you know is feeling stressed out from everything going on in their lives, do not tell them that it’s no big deal or that it could be worse. Let them know that you understand and that their feelings are valid. It’s not a competition for who’s the most stressed!

Breathing Exercises

Tell your loved one to take a deep breath, since doing so will help them ameliorate some of their anxiety. Give them some water, tell them to take more dee[ breaths, and be there for them to help them feel less anxious.

Share Your Experience

Everyone gets stressed, it’s impossible to avoid stress altogether throughout life. Therefore, everyone has some techniques they use to relieve their pressure when things start to get overwhelming. Share your techniques that you use to get rid of stress and assure your loved one that they’re not alone.

It can be very difficult to help your loved ones by yourself, so if you need help caring for your family or friends, visit E&S Homecare Solution’s consultation page for a FREE consultation with one of our experts!

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