How To Stay Safe As A Senior After Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

Seniors are experiencing much-needed optimism for a return to normal thanks to successful vaccinations and other COVID safety procedures. This is relieving news because the dangers of covid-19 toward seniors, especially those with existing health conditions, made many families concerned about the safety of their loved ones. Now that the vaccine is available and the number of those vaccinated continues to rise, how can we continue to ensure the safety of our loved ones during this transition toward normalcy?

Find out what to expect when your senior loved one gets the vaccine and what you can do to keep them safe until the pandemic is gone.

Senior Living After Getting Vaccinated 

Regulations are likely to relax and eventually be lifted as more Americans are vaccinated. While you may not be ready for a hug or an unannounced visit from your family as a senior, being vaccinated is a great starting step. Also, as more entertainment centers have reopened, the possibility for elders to go out and participate in various activities has increased.

Vaccination helps seniors to spend more time with their family and venture out more. However, it’s still important that seniors and those around them remain masked with a healthy distance of 6ft or more apart. The reason being, not all Americans have yet been vaccinated, so those unvaccinated individuals still pose a threat to seniors. To reduce the risk of seniors contracting covid, it’s helpful for both seniors and their loved ones to keep the practice of wearing face masks and social distancing. 

Vaccine Side Effect Expectations For Seniors 

With the three vaccines available, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, you hear different side effects stories shared by different individuals. Fortunately for seniors, many of the negative complaints on side effects of vaccines mainly come from younger-aged groups. There have been fewer reported adverse side effects from the covid vaccine from individuals 65 and up. 

However, it’s beneficial to be aware of covid-19 vaccinations’ potential adverse side effects and share this information with others. In doing so, you will help encourage others to take the vaccine and help seniors return to a more “normal life” sooner. 

For Your Information: Headache, nausea, tiredness, and a low-grade fever are common side effects that persist between 24 and 48 hours.

Different Ways For Family Members To Protect Seniors Post-Vaccine 

Sadly, the coronavirus isn’t completely gone, but the vaccine helps bring us closer to returning to life pre-covid. Until then, here are a few essential precautions that families can implement to continue to keep their senior loved ones safe during this transition. 

  • Continue to maintain social distance and only visit senior friends and family members safely.
  • Families should aim to keep their get-togethers or family events in well-ventilated, outside areas.
  • Use proper sneeze and cough hygiene.
  • Encourage vaccination trust by disseminating safety facts.
  • Do your research and once you feel comfortable, schedule an appointment to get vaccinated. 
  • Keep up with the latest CDC and Argentum senior safety recommendations.

One major consequence of the pandemic is the increased reliance on home care agencies to care for elderly loved ones instead of using senior living facilities. E&S Home Care Solutions is a reliable and reputable home care agency that families continue to trust to care for their senior loved ones during the pandemic. Visit or call 888-288-8826 and learn more about their different services to find the right care for your loved one.

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