Motivating Yourself to Stay Active

It’s so easy to get lazy and lay in bed, stay in your pajamas and watch TV all day, which is why a lot of people have trouble motivating themselves to get up and move. However, no matter how unmotivated you’re feeling, physical activity is important for your health, so it is important to find ways to encourage yourself to stay active.

Make It Fun

Lifting weights, running, using complicated exercise machines – these obviously are not things everyone enjoys, and many people find working out like this to be boring. so make it fun! Get your cardio in by throwing dance parties, play catch with your friends with a weighted ball – do something that is fun for you and will keep you moving.

Write It Down

Whenever I write myself a workout schedule for the week, I am a lot more likely to stick to it and be active. Write down the times you want to workout and which type of physical activity you want to do, and it will motivate you to go through with it!

Work With Others

Working out with friends and other people will definitely increase your chances of wanting to stay active and workout. Not only will they push you by giving you competition, but they will also give you a reason to look forward to working out – you get to hang out with people you love!

Reward Yourself

You will want to stay active if you know there is a prize waiting for you when you’re done, and this will not only drive you to stay active, but it will make you do it more efficiently so that you can reward yourself sooner. You can reward yourself during the workout by taking small breaks, or after the workout by eating a big, nutritious meal!

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