Home Care vs. Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

When you think of a home care agency, what thoughts come to mind? Also, when you think of a nursing home, what thoughts come to mind? Are these thoughts similar or polar opposite to one another?

Believe it or not, many families often mistake home care and nursing home services, confusing the terms and services as being the same thing. Unfortunately, this idea is highly inaccurate. The fact is that there are many distinctions between home care and nursing home services, including: wider clientele, personalized service, patient health advantages, and more.

Home Care Services A Wider Clientele 

One of the most significant advantages of home care services that nursing homes don’t offer is the capacity to serve various client types anywhere. In other words, home care agencies can service anyone, young or old, practically anywhere and at any time. For instance, a patient with Alzheimer’s can experience around-the-clock care within the comfort of their homes or a location that they are familiar with.

With nursing homes, they are a stationary service offered in only one place. Families do not get to experience the advantage of having a care service that comes to them and accommodates their loved ones’ preferred living conditions. Furthermore, nursing facilities exclusively cater to the old, whereas home care services cater to everyone who needs assistance. For instance, at E&S Home Care Solutions, those clients recovering from an accident or disabled have access to an in-home companion to assist them.

Service Flexibility & Personalized Service 

E&S Home Care Solutions is dedicated to giving every customer the best possible personal care. Every member of our care team has undergone extensive training, is certified, and is dedicated to providing the most exemplary level of patient-centered care possible. We offer a variety of services to match each client’s unique circumstance, including hourly home health aides, live-in home care, and companion care.

Clients with comparable requirements are frequently treated in nursing homes according to standardized plans. As a result, families do not receive the personalized life experiences they require and deserve.

Patient Health Advantages

The name home care means that patients get to receive care within the comfort of their homes. Losing control or the ability to take care of one’s self is already a hard feeling for any patient to accept. With home care’s approach to care, patients end up experience lowered confusion and anxiety. In addition to that, evidence shows that patients wind up healing faster when taken care of in their homes.

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