Three Simple Steps To Selecting The Best Home Care Agency

Some families wait until a major event happens, such as a fall, a stroke, or another catastrophic injury or ailment, before considering home care services for their aged or disabled love ones. As a result, families tend to rush their decision on selecting a home care agency and, more often than preferred, end up disappointed by their experience. Such results happen as a consequence of poor planning, lack of information, and bad judgment. Instead, finding the best agency for your loved ones requires planning, thorough research, and discussions about your loved one’s preferences on their type of care.

Step #1: Investigate Different Home Care Agencies

In-home care nurse with elderly male playing a game and enjoying a snack.

The Internet’s primary goal is to enable global access to data and information. So why not take advantage? The Internet is the first place most people go when they want to learn more about anything curious or unknown. When looking for the right home care agency, use the Internet to find information on the different home care agencies available, what their services are, and how their services compare to the services of other home care agencies. However, first, you and your loved one should discuss and outline their demands, their expectations, and the level of care required to ensure that they continue to live at home safely.

A Few Searching Tips:

  1. Dig deep into each search result and avoid fixating on the first link that appears in your search results. 
  2. Access their credibility (online reviews and ratings, accomplishments/awards) 
  3. Check out their website (mission statement, values, different types of services offered) and schedule a consultation if you see something you like. 
  4. Create an excel sheet of your top candidates and do a side-by-side analysis of each to select the one that closely aligns with your preferences. 

Questions To Ask Your Loved Ones:

  1. How much-added help/assistance do you require? Is it advanced vs. minimal help that you need?
  2. What type of service do you need? Live-in vs. companion vs. hourly services? 

Step #2: Inquire About Referrals 

Meeting with friends.

If the Internet has not been working out or you’re still confused about what to look for, then seek a personal or professional recommendation. Rely on your inner circle and request recommendations from your extended family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. They may know someone who needed in-home care, or they may have arranged for care for a loved one.

If a personal recommendation doesn’t work out, then get recommendations from a medical professional. Whether that be your doctor, your loved ones’ doctor, or a friends’ doctor. Get professional advice wherever available.

Step #3: Schedule Consultations With Your Top Choices

Consultation with medical professional

Several home care agencies, like E&S Home Care Solutions, offer interested families the option to schedule a free consultation to learn more about their different services and respond to any questions/concerns directly. So after you narrow that excel sheet that we talked about earlier down to your top three, then go ahead and reach out to them, interview them, and feel more confident about your choice in finding the best home care services for your loved ones.

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