The Beauty Of Life-long Friendships

Does your grandma ever talk about her friends? How they grew up together and what mischief they got themselves into? I’m sure you have heard those stories. And to me, they are so heartwarming. I always loved listening to my grandmother’s stories. Stories from different times. It has always been my favorite.

The Bond Between Friends

I think a person who never felt that unbreakable bond of friendship is missing out on so much beauty of life. I wish them that one day they will meet their best friend and learn how it feels to have someone who isn’t your family or a life partner to love you unconditionally. To be there for you in your lows and your highs, to understand you, to listen to you, to be your person. The one person that understands you and loves you for exactly who you are. A person who puts up even with the darkest parts of yourself.

Your Person

Have you found your person yet? I honestly hope that you have! I met my two best friends when I was in college. Yes! You heard that right. I am so lucky I got two best friends! They are both amazing and I honestly can’t imagine not having them in my life. Kristyna is a person you can have long deep conversations with. We talk about the world, books, and movies. She shares my passion for writing letters and doing crafts. We exchange beautiful handmade gifts and letters. On the other hand, Petra is spontaneous and crazy. We usually go on last-minute road trips and we laugh and sing the whole time. I love them both so much.

The Beauty Of Friendships

I recently read a quote “Friends are the sunshine of life.” And I believe that they truly are. They are here to cheer you up on the days when you feel down, they celebrate your wins, and help you after heartbreak.

Friendship Stories

Next time you are with a group of friends, or on a family celebration, or talking to your grandma, ask about stories of their best friends. I’m sure hearing all those beautiful stories of childhood but also life-long friendships will make you overwhelmed with beauty and joy. I hope that you are writing a friendship story of your own and that you have that one friend you can call anytime. They are our guardian angels, call them or text them and let them know how much their friendship means to you!

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