June- Elder Abuse Awareness Month

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day that has been established by the World Health Organization since 2006. Although not discussed too often, elder abuse is an important topic to bring attention to as it is present within communities. Elder abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, and financial exploitation. During June, government agencies and organizations advocate for people to be more alert regarding signs of elder abuse and understand the issue. 

Here are a few prominent signs of abuse to recognize and report:

  1. Unexplained wounds such as bruises, cuts, burns, broken bones
  2. Depression/ signs of trauma.
  3. unattended medical care.
  4. Unsanitary living conditions & poor hygiene such as dirty clothes, unusual weight loss, bedsores
  5. Withdrawal from normal activities and relationships 
  6. Sudden change in the elder’s financial situation

Steps of Action 

If you appropriately suspect that an elder may be getting abused, reassure the victim that it’s not their fault and that you want to help them out of concern. The victim may be afraid to get in trouble with their caregiver or may feel as though they are their only source of care; therefore, it is important to ensure the victim is comfortable with and understands the action needed to be taken. 

Report your observations and concerns to the appropriate services. Check out the National Center on Elder Abuse (ncea.acl.gov) for more information. 

E&S Home Care Solutions 

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