Tips For Activities You Can Do With Your Loved Ones

Aging can feel overwhelming at times. Maybe your loved ones don’t talk about the struggles of getting older but they surely experience them. The feeling of not being able to do things you could easily do when you were younger. Feeling alone and behind of everyone else. So the question here would be, what can I do to make it better?

The Importance Of Talking

I think that the most essential thing of all is communication. Talk to your loved ones, and more importantly – listen. Listen to their stories about different times, their childhood, their hopes, and their dreams. Stories about a lifetime full of memories, struggles, victories, joy, and hardships. I always loved listening to my great-grandmother’s stories from the war and all the things they had to overcome. One thing was clear to me, I listened and she knew. She knew her memories and feelings are valid. Talk to your loved ones and listen to them, they will appreciate it.

Shared Activities

Another thing I would love to do with my loved ones was to play games or do some fun activity. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, maybe just a board game or watching their favorite show with them. I especially like when families are sitting on the porch on a sunny day and spending some quality time together. I feel like sometimes our lives get so busy we don’t realize they spent a lot of time alone. I recommend that you should find that time to spend with them. It will mean the world to them!

Reading Books

I think it is important to keep our minds sharp as we age. Reading is a great way to do this. Constantly learning new things is a great way how to keep your mind alert. My grandmother and I would always share books. She would read it to me, and then we would talk about it. It was a great way to bond with one another, and she was always so excited to point out the parts about the book she loved.

Planning Activities, Trips, And Visits

Our elders usually spend a lot of time alone if we are not living with them. I know from experience that planning weekend visits, family celebrations, or short trips are a great way to keep them excited. My grandma would always look forward to a weekend visit and after that, she would be happy that we have visited and would tell all her friends. When her excitement would vanish, there would be another visit planned! It worked well for all of us.

You should tell your loved ones about upcoming activities, trips, and visits so they have something exciting to look forward to.

If it is sometimes hard for you to spend quality time with your loved ones, you can always schedule a free consultation with us and get a compassionate companion for your family members.

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