Never too Old to Quit Smoking

Nearly 500,000 people die every year due to complications from smoking. That edges on one out of every five people who die. One article found that 70 percent of all deaths related to smoking happened to people over 60. Smoking is already bad for your health. But people smoke because it have become a habit to them or to relieve stress. It’s never too old to quit smoking if you haven’t already stopped. There are better ways to handle stress. Even if it has become a habit, taking slow steps to back away is still process to overcoming it.

Few Strategies to Quit

Here’s a few ways to quit smoking. First thing you can do is motivate yourself. You can talk to your family, your friends and doctor about quit smoking. If you are smoking due to stress, try to take your mind off of things that are making you stress. If you need, you can take a vacation to find inner peace or happiness. There are better hobbies out there that are healthier for your mind and body. You can take walks outside, pick up a book, spend time with your family or friends or discover a new hobby. When was the last time you actually enjoyed a meal or take time off for yourself? If you are already old enough to retire, then find something else to keep yourself entertained. You can travel the world and see new sights.

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