How to Know if Your Aging Loved One is Healthy

It can be a scary time in 2021 for families and loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many families apart. However, now that more families are vaccinated and are able to gather safely, many people are reuniting with parents, grandparents, and their loved ones. While these certainly are happy times, it can be worrisome too. How are your loved ones doing? Did they receive the right care while they were alone? I know how problematic it can be not knowing this answer.

It’s normal for our health to change over time especially when we age. Nevertheless, we want to monitor our loved ones for signs that they may be struggling with their overall well-being and may require additional support. These are some telltale signs that your loved ones are okay and healthy.

Your Loved Ones Eat Well

The first sign that they are doing well is that they eat well. A good appetite is an indication that your loved one took care of themselves during the pandemic. If they are eating healthy and watching their diet, this is great. It shows you that their mind and body are in a good place. Usually, when someone is not feeling well, they tend to lose their appetite before anything else.

They are Active

The active lifestyle is symbolic of health. Being active, is another sign that your loved one is doing well. I know when I’d visit my grandparents that I’d often see the difference between they are moving around or only laying in bed. A sign that your aging loved one is doing well is that they are able to move around, are actively participating in outdoor activities, or are emotionally invested in what they are doing.

They are Social

Do you see your loved one alone or are they involved with family activities? A third sign that your aging loved one is healthy is that they are social. They are emotionally and physically present during dinners. Loneliness is one of the leading causes of depression and death in seniors. It can be hard to spot. However, this is a first step into seeing if your loved one is feeling lonely or is genuinely interested in being social. The more socially involved they are the more likely they are doing okay.

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