Live-In Home Care and Why it is Better Than the Alternative

For most seniors, their ideal living situation is to remain at home. As they begin to need full time care, family members wonder how this is possible. It is simple. Live-in home care. Live-in home care provides the round the clock care your loved one needs while allowing them to remain in their home.

How Does it Work?

With live-in home care, a home health aide lives with their client to provide 24-hour care. A bed must be provided to the home health aide as they are allowed an 8-hour sleep break at night. However, if care is needed at night the caregivers sleep maybe interrupted to provide assistance. Caregivers also receive a break during the daytime as well for meals and other necessities. If your aide needs a day off you would need to have a replacement come in to provide care unless a family member can assist.

Types of Care Provided by Live-in Home Health Aides

Live-in home health aides provide the same care as a daytime aide would provide. These tasks include, personal care, assistance with the bathroom, feeding, companion care, etc. This type of care is on the same level as its alternative, assisted living. Care is also dependent on the needs of yourself or a loved one, as care plans are customized for each patient.

Why Live-in Care is Better than Assisted Living

Assisted living and live-in care are the two main 24-hour care options for seniors. While both have their pros and cons the pros of live-in home care far outweigh assisted living. With live-in care seniors receive one-on-one care with their home health aide. This focuses the aide on one patient, so they care receive the best care possible, as opposed to assisted living where aides attend to multiple patients.

Furthermore, with live-in home care a senior is permitted to keep up with their everyday life routines. Maybe your senior loved one owns a pet? With live-in home care seniors can maintain their pets, however with assisted living this is not possible. With assisted living you are also required to follow their routines and schedules rather than having the freedom to make your own schedule. This is a concern to many seniors, as they do not want to relinquish their independence.

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