Three Senior Care Challenges and How To Overcome Them

It can be hard for seniors to accept that they need assistance at home. They may want to remain independent or do not like the idea of having someone they do not know in their home. These are common concerns. Here are three common senior care challenges and how to overcome them all.

“My loved one only wants me to care for them.”

The first thing to do is to acknowledge and address why your loved one feels this way. You should have a discussion with them. Validate their feelings. You do not want to make them feel forced into having a home health aide. Once you hear their point of view you want to let them know how you feel as well. Be honest with them about why you need help caring for them. It can be helpful to involve other family members in this conversation to support your decision. This person can act as the voice of reason. If your loved one seems dead set against a home health aide, you should suggest they at least try it for a day or two so they can see what home care services are like.

“They do not want a stranger in their home.”

This is one of the most common issues seniors have with home care. It is understandable, it can be awkward to think of having a stranger in your home. That is why it is important to really know the home health aide you work with. Working with a home care agency means they provide extensive background checks and training for their employees. This means you are getting the best care professionals possible. Additionally, a great practice can be easing your loved one into home care. What I mean by this is to be present for the first few home care visits. This will give you and your loved one time to get to know your home health aide before leaving them alone together.

“What if they steal from me?”

This goes back to what I said earlier. Working with a home care agency ensures that extensive background checks will be done on your aide. This will ensure that the person coming into your home does not have a criminal background. Furthermore, if you or your loved one still feels uneasy you may want to lock up or remove valuables from the home. You can also make random visits to check in to make your presence known to your aide.

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