2 Common Problems with Home Care and How to Solve Them

To find a home health aide and a home care agency, is a process itself. It takes research, trust, and teamwork to find the right support at home. However, there are common issues that families encounter with home health aides. A great home health aide is worth more than gold. A home health aide can assist a senior or loved one with physical challenges that occurs when we age within a home he or she is comfortable in. Despite the benefits, there is never a perfect system and for this reason I wanted to address the two common issues that occur with Home Care Agencies and how to solve them without wasting your time or patience.

Home health aides are amazing when they are attentive. Nevertheless, here are troubleshooting methods you can use to help a home health aide get back on track on doing their irreplaceable duties.

Home Health Aide Spends Too Much Time On the Phone

It is inevitable. In this day and age, cell phones are attach to the hip. This is not acceptable behavior when a home health aide is at a client’s home. The best way to address this situation is to contact the home care agency directly to let them know that the home health aide is spending too much time on the phone. While you wait for the home care agency to take care of the problem, you can address the home health aide by letting them know that your loved one needs 100 percent attention and to limit non important phone calls.

It’s perfectly okay to be direct with a home health aide and to let the home care agency that they are not doing what they are tasked with. They are there to do a job which is provide your loved one with care.

Home Health Aide Shows Up Late

This is a frustration in itself. If a home health aide shows late once and awhile, this is okay. We’ve all had days where we are stuck in traffic or couldn’t wake up on time. The tardiness becomes an issue when it’s frequent. It’s time to consider whether the home health aide genuinely is interested in her position. In most cases. home care agencies are prepared for situations like this and will have home health aides on stand by who can provide better care for loved ones.

This another issue to address to a home care agency. Home care agencies use written contracts to ensure that caregivers understand their responsibilities. Being late, is not part of their job description. To resolve this situation, be persistent and communicate your concerns. A good home care agency will care about your time.

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